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Vinayak is going to state, simply then power goes. Angad reveals to Sandhya that he will bring telephone. Everybody look for the light, flame and so on. Somebody comes and hits Vinayak on his head and after that removes him. A seat tumbles down. Everybody gets stressed reasoning where is baba? Angad and Sandhya search him. Sandhya reveals to Angad that something is hauled. They look for him. The man hits Vinayak. Angad gets him and is stunned. The man ends up being Jolly Phupha ji. Buoyant tells that Bhairavi cautioned him and had informed that on the off chance that anything happens to her, at that point she will uncover him, yet she kicked the bucket. He says Sandhya told that she got piece of information so she came here. Kapil approaches what is the mystery for which you came to slaughter him. Happy tells about Agnivarsha eatery and tells that the third accomplice who was obscure is me and the other was
Vinayak. He says I know Vinayak since quite a while, he used to do govt work and did numerous illicit works of our own. He says infact, he caused us to get that illicit land for café, yet it was in misfortune so we made an arrangement. He says we got its protection and caused plan to consume it to get protection cash. He says we would prefer not to kill anybody, yet we didn’t realize that 30 individuals were there around then. He says 30 individuals kicked the bucket in that fire and says this news spread quick, however Bhairavi by one way or another figured out how to shroud it. He says Kapil Salgaonkar, protection exploring official didn’t stay silent so we sent Vinayak to him. Usha asks did you go there. Vinayak says I went to Kapil’s home.

A fb is appeared, Sandhya’s twin sister Sakshi opens the entryway and inquires as to whether he came to meet Kapil. She tells that she is Kapil’s significant other. Vinayak sees Daai’s pic with wreath and comprehended that she brought her up and now she is no more. Vinayak discloses to her that he is her Baba and says I was the person who offered her to Dai. Sakshi gets resentful and asks what did you come now subsequent to discarding me. Vinayak says I will come inside and let you know everything. Sakshi requests that he leave and says she detests him. Fb closes. Vinayak says that day I felt extremely embarrassed and cried. He says I advised this to Jolly and had chosen not to inconvenience my little girl. Sandhya says on the off chance that you have give up to Police, at that point your 4 accomplices would have been gotten as well, with the goal that’s the reason they consumed Kapil and his family. Angad goes up against Phupha ji and says I used to share everything with you, you was my legend and you did this. He inquires as to why they are accusing Sandhya.

Phuphu ji is going to tell, when the light gleams, Sakshi and Kapil come there. Sakshi lets you know can’t flee, you both will be rebuffed. She says we have executed three and says after you both at that point Sandhya’s turn. Sandhya asks Sakhi to determine what is her wrongdoing and says how might I be the purpose behind your passing. Kapil and Sakshi attempt to consume Vinayak and Jolly. Sandhya argues infront of her to leave them, says whatever occurred with you was downright terrible. She requests that her leave them and handover them to Police. Sakshi says I won’t slaughter them as death will be the little discipline for them. She says she will give them a troubled life which will be more terrible than life and they will scrutinize each other why they are alive. She assaults buoyant and afterward Vinayak. Usha asks her not to do anything to Vinayak. Sakshi’s hand shake up while she attempts to hurt him. Kapil attempts to hurt him, when some Aghoris come there reciting Om Namashivay… Madhuri says she considered them and thought a major inconvenience is going to come.

The Pandits in Aghoris clothing make Vinayak descend and spares him. Sakshi yells. Dapper is harmed and tumbled down. Madhuri tells this is going on even in the wake of wearing rudraksha. Pandit ji rudraksha underpins just great soul. Sakshi says you can’t stop us today, we sat tight for this retribution since numerous years. Kapil and Sakshi attempt to hurt Pandit ji, however the Pandits face them. Sandhya requests that they get mukti. Sakshi says we need vengeance and not mukti. The pandit requests that they stop and says you can’t hurt us, the aghoris and says Om Namashivay and serenades a few mantras. Kapil and Sakshi tumble down. Kapil progresses toward becoming smoke and blasted. The abhorrent smoke leaves Malini’s mouth and she is fly high in air and after that tumbles down on bed. Balraj gets stressed. Malini requests water. Balraj is glad to realize that she is fine and expresses gratitude toward God. She says my voice. Sakshi is as yet sitting. Sandhya reveals to Sakshi that Kapil got mukti and moksh and approaches her to get mukti for herself. She requests that her take Pandit ji’s assistance and get mukti. Sakshi says I won’t mukti neither one of the you will and says this is the scorn game.

Sandhya asks what’s going on did I do with you, I need to know. Sakshi says you will know, however not all that soon. I won’t go anyplace, I will remain in this world, our fate is connected as we are twins. She yells. The aghoris serenade the mantras as she progresses toward becoming smoke and evaporates. Sandhya feels lightheaded and feels queasiness. She goes to upchuck. Aghori tells that one soul was mukt, yet the other proved unable. Angad keeps running behind Sandhya. Sandhya opens the entryway and gazes at him. Karthik and Ankit ask would you say you are alright? Sandhya opens her eyes in the medical clinic and gets some information about Sakshi. Angad says we will talk later. She says I have to converse with Pandit ji. Angad says you can’t go now, as Doctor will bringing reports now. Specialist comes and says she is fine, there is an uplifting news for you, Sandhya is pregnant. Usha cheerfully inquires as to whether Sandhya is pregnant. Angad is stunned.

Madhuri slaps Vinayak for completing a wrongdoing and not advising her before giving his little girl. Police comes there. Usha says I called Police here. Madhuri inquires as to for what reason did you call Police, it is our own issue, whatever he did is for the house improvement and asks would you like to document objection against your better half. She requests that they go. Usha says he will be captured. Madhuri says he is my child. Usha says the young lady whom he has fouled up was my girl. She says he left the infant after her introduction to the world and helped Jolly and his companions in wrongdoing. He grabbed a little girl from a mother and sister from her sisters. She says he completed a transgression. Vinayak says I acknowledge every one of my violations. Usha requests that Inspector take him. Vinayak asks usha to pardon him. Police constable is taking him. Vinayak asks Sandhya to excuse him. Sandhya says the one with whom you will apologize are gone. Sandhya’s younger sibling comes there and yells Papa. Madhuri asks Sandhya to spare him. Sandhya says she can’t do anything.

Malini asks Kiran to deal with herself and says those spirits have rebuffed Jolly for his doings. Kiran inquires as to for what reason did you send him to mental refuge. Specialist comes and says we have no other way out, he is rationally sick. I have seen numerous cases, yet never observed such case. He don’t recall that anything and have turned out to be vivacious dead body and can’t remain here. Kiran says my better half isn’t distraught. Malini, Balraj and Shobha go to Vinayak’s home. Malini inquires as to for what reason did you call us? Angad says Sandhya is pregnant. Sandhya reviews Kapil telling that once they come anyplace, they can’t go, she will cry blood tears. She considers Pandit ji’s words that Kapil needs to join with her for an exceptional rationale. She gets stressed.

Precap: Sandhya chooses to bring forth the child. Aghori says your infant will turn into a test for you and you need to give penance each minute and he will be overwhelming on the entirety of your relations.


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