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Malini says pret aatma’s child in Sandhya’s belly. Tantrik says don’t stress, this infant will resemble standard youngster and it won’t be simple for this infant to come in this world. He says your infant will carry his reality with him and will turn into a test for your family. He says it will be a major test for your nurturing affection and his childhood needs you to give penance in each progression. He says this child will test your connection with your better half and it will be troublesome on each connection of yours. He says you can’t interface with him or can’t break with him. He says this child will turn into a major inconvenience for you and tells that my gifts are with you. He asks her not to overlook that even God twists down infront of Mother’s affection. Sandhya folds her hand. Everybody examines about the infant and has blended response. Kiran says it won’t be simple and says lets end the infant’s section. Malini says it isn’t Sandhya and Angad’s child.

Sandhya reviews Tantrik’s words and Sakshi’s words. She gets up and feels sluggish. Angad holds and embraces her and discloses to her that she is truly significant for her. He says he will be with her. Malini says we can’t take a risk. Usha says we can’t slaughter the infant. Madhuri says we reserve the option to spare Sandhya. Balraj requests that they be sure and says God allow them to move toward becoming guardians, we will celebrate. Malini gets some information about our children. Sandhya comes and says I have chosen and says this isn’t our infant, however it is in my belly. She says she has chosen to bring forth this child. Malini says yet. Sandhya says I realize I will face obstacles, however I may offer equity to my sister and some harmony by getting this infant this world. She feels terrible for her sister and tells that Jolly and his companions murdered Sakshi and her family. She needed to live typical life, yet they didn’t allow them to live. She says on the off chance that they would have been alive, at that point the child may have called me Maasi. She says I didn’t get an opportunity to turn into his Maasi, yet got an opportunity to turn into his Maa. She says I won’t affront the opportunity given by God and says she will give him all the joy which Sakshi needs to give him. Angad says he is with Sandhya. Kiran says this isn’t your sister’s adoration yet discipline and disdain for us all. Sandhya says this is the deficient story of a child which I will finish by getting him this world. Balraj says I am extremely glad for you.

Months are cruising by. Everybody deal with Sandhya during her pregnancy and keep her upbeat. Angad brings Sandhya to the infant room stacked with toys. He paints the room. Itni si khushi plays… .Sandhya makes P on the material. Angad requests what ‘P’ represents? Sandhya says it is prem of two sisters, prem of Sakshi and mine. He asks how would you realize that it is a kid. Sandhya says Sakshi had the infant kid so it will be kid. Angad says lets make the weaving together. Malini hears them.

Afterward, Sandhya’s godh bharayi occurs. Dev and Ruhi move viewing the tune while Sandhya takes their video. Angad asks what they’re doing. They advance the film. Sandhya demands to watch the film. Angad says no, you are multi month’s pregnant. Sandhya feels child kick and tells Angad. Angad says alright, I will book the tickets. Later Sandhya converses with the infant and calls him Prem, she says when you come, at that point my sister will feel harmony and get some adoration. She says my sister abhors me, I need her to get some harmony and she will get all the adoration. All of a sudden she gets work torment and yells calling Angad. Later she is in her room and tells that she can’t endure the agony. Angad says gives up to clinic. Madhuri says she can’t go to emergency clinic now and requests that he call specialist at home. Angad says there is car influx and says specialist will take 1 hour to come. Madhuri says we will complete the conveyance. Malini asks what? Madhuri asks Pratibha to get boiling water. Angad tells that he will be with Sandhya and won’t head outside. Usha appeals to God for Sandhya. Sandhya conveys infant. Everybody gets cheerful and salutes one another. Madhuri offers infant to Sandhya. Sandhya reveals to Angad that their Prem came and converses with the child. Child holds her hand. Angad says you was conversing with him since 9 months and says this is your Prem. Everybody grins. Sandhya says welcome to our reality.

Malini lights diya in the sanctuary and expresses gratitude toward God for Sandhya and requests that he keep them cheerful. Afterward, when Sandhya and Angad are resting, Sandhya gets a fantasy that she is in Kapil’s scorched house and says I need to go. She runs and sees Kapil. She hears child crying and asks where is the infant. She tumbles down and yells. Sakshi draws close to the window and takes a gander at the child. Sandhya is as yet caught in a terrible dream. Sakshi lifts the infant and says you will be with your mom, for whom you have returned and for whom your mum is here. She says you are only my child. She takes a gander at Sandhya and disappears with the child. Sandhya awakens and yells asking where is her child, where is her Prem. Angad says he should be with relative. Sandhya comes first floor and gets some information about Prem? Usha, Madhuri and others tell that he isn’t with them. Sandhya says Prem isn’t here and asks where did he go? She yells and scans for him. Angad requests that her be cautious. She returns to room and says my Prem isn’t here. She yells Prem and says where did my Prem go? Angad plunks down tragic. Sandhya reveals to Angad that she needs her child back. Balraj asks Dev to call Police. Sandhya tells that his child went out and she will bring him back.

A young lady makes mustache all over and furthermore the mole. Malini is chatting on telephone. Balraj comes and asks where is the paper? Malini snickers. Balraj says she made me joker again and calls her Aastha. The young lady flees from that point. Balraj comes to Angad and chuckles seeing Kiran. Aastha draws mustache all over. Ruhi says my Kajal and lipstick is absent. They yell Aastha. Aastha goes to the sanctuary. Sandhya inquires as to whether she has completed the process of asking and says gives up. Aastha takes the Prasad laddoo and accompanies Sandhya. Kiran requests that her see what Aastha did. Sandhya asks Aastha for what good reason did she do this? Aastha says you asked me not to paint on divider so I did this to stand out enough to be noticed. Sandhya requests that her state sorry. Astha says sorry. Sandhya says I will paint your face. Aastha races to Angad and requests that he spare her from Dracula. Angad says Papa will spare you from Dracula. Malini says it is great, Astha came in our life after we lost Prem. She says Aastha is the main infant in his home alone. She says they will consider the subsequent child. Balraj says Aastha isn’t their single tyke and says Prem is some place in this world. Kiran looks on bombshell.

A man is going from the wilderness when his vehicle tire breaks. Driver requests that he sit in the vehicle and says I will replace the tire. The man tells that he will go out and see, it is fun and requests that he replace the tire. He sees Kapil and Sakshi’s scorched house and comes back to front of interest. He inquires as to whether somebody is here. He opens the room;s entryway and numerous winged creatures turn out from that point. Somebody is running from behind him like a creature. Somebody comes holding light comes there and asks who are you? He says I am overseer here. The man says my vehicle ceased so I came. The overseer tells that there is no one here and requests that he go. The man runs out terrified.

Precap: Sandhya calls Prem and sees Sakshi. Sakshi pushes her. Angad tells that Prem isn’t here. Sandhya goes to Kapil’s home and gets stunned.


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