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Phupha ji asks him not to stretch herself. Sandhya’s sibling thinks for what reason is he lying. Sandhya contacts him. He feels torment. Sandhya asks what was the deal? Kapil says since you turned into my significant other, you wound up overprotective. He says he is going to room. Sandhya comes to room and checks for him. He isn’t in the room. She hears the mouth organ tune and thinks who is playing this. She goes to the nursery region and strolls towards Kapil who is playing the mouth organ. She reviews Kapil telling that it is his preferred tune and gets stunned. He understands Sandhya coming towards him and stops for some time and after that plays the tune once more. She comes infront. Kapil progresses toward becoming Angad.

Sandhya sees Angad and is shocked. She asks how could you know this tune. Angad says it is from the film sholay. She asks when did you master playing mouth organ. He says it is my leisure activity, pulls her close him and causes him to sit on his lap. He says we went poorly date previously so you don’t think about it. He says he will play it once more. Sandhya asks him not to play it again and says that tune was played by… Angad says I thought to astound you and asks what is the issue in this tune.

Sandhya says it was played by Kapil. Angad smiles and his red eyes come. He says there are numerous insider facts which will disclose and attempts to sentiment with her. Sandhya approaches him to want lunch and says it is 3 pm. Angad gets strained and requests that he go and not to exasperate him. He keeps running back to room and shuts the entryway. He feels torment in his body and sees creepy crawlies staring him in the face. CID official gives subtleties of Ashutosh’s passing to the columnist. He tells the date 23rd june.

CID official requests that he go and checks the time which is 3 pm. Kapil is in Angad’s body and is shaken up. Sandhya is serving nourishment to everybody. Malini tells that she will call him. Sandhya says he asked me not to bother him. Malini sits once more. Sandhya tells that he is extremely disturbed and was playing mouth organ. Malini says he don’t have the foggiest idea how to play it. Malini requests that her have sustenance. Sandhya says she will have sustenance with Angad. Bua insults her and tells that the adoration will blur away. She says he began disregarding her and insults Shobha taking Rishi’s name. Malini asks shobha to end up solid and to disregard the insults.

Kapil leaves Angad. Angad is stunned to see him. Kapil helps to remember yesterday night episode and says I was in your body, Sandhya turned into mine. He says suhaag raat occurred. Angad says you are lying. Kapil shows date on Angad’s portable and says we met yesterday. Angad reviews and asks what did you do with Sandhya. Kapil says she is in my breath, soul and all over the place. Angad requests that he stop it. Kapil says I commended suhaag raat and determines what was a night and commendations her. He says your Sandhya is hot. Angad says how could you, I will murder you and begins tossing things. He asks how could you contact her? Kapil says I am aatma/soul, how you will execute me. Angad asks what did Sandhya do to you. CID official looks for the document and finds a woman’s hand there in the rack. He gets stunned. His better half comes and inquires as to for what reason did he gets frightened? She says we need to go to Ashu’s last ceremonies. He demonstrates the record and tells that Ashu got passed on today on 23rd june by consuming. Bharavi says I am certain that it was 22nd june. The woman phantom is remaining behind her. She turns, however don’t see the apparition. He requests that her check the date in the record. He says there is some association here and says there is fallen angel here. He says I can detect that.

Bharavi tells that Jatin slaughtered her. The woman phantom is behind him. He says I can feel that. Bharavi says there is no villain and says that section is no more. We need to go to Ashu’s last rituals and requests that he overlook everything. She says it is finished. He says might be it is returned. She consumes the record and says whatever is scorched stays away for the indefinite future. Angad asks Kapil what’s going on did they do with him. Kapil says let it be mystery. Angad says I will tell Sandhya. Kapil harms Angad and he begins shaking up quick, says I am not frightened of you. Kapil says I realize you are a legend however every saint has a shortcoming and your shortcoming is Sandhya. He says in the event that you open your mouth, at that point I will murder Sandhya. Angad says I won’t let you go close to her. Kapil says I will give you an uplifting news and tells that I won’t be with you from 3 pm-6 pm however will be with her for 21 hours. He says he can do numerous odds with her.

Phupha ji and others are going for Ashutosh’s last rituals. Sandhya says I will likewise come. Phupha ji says new lady don’t go. Malini comes and is hacking. Sandhya checks her and says you have fever. Shobha requests that her be at home with Sandhya. Kapil reveals to Angad that he has slaughtered his Ashutosh uncle. Angad is stunned. Sandhya comes there and calls Angad. Kapil says regardless of whether I don’t be inside you then likewise she will keep a watch on you.

Angad sees woman apparition close him. Angad opens the entryway and embraces Sandhya. Melody plays… … He cries. Sandhya grins. He attempts to advise her and sees the woman apparition behind Sandhya. Sandhya inquires as to why he is looking there. Angad says we used to meet throughout the day when not wedded and says now I am not with you. Sandhya says you are dependably with me and requests that he have sustenance. She takes him to eating table. He causes her to have sustenance with his hand while she causes him to have nourishment with her hand. His finger is cut with the blade and she sucks his finger. She says it is great, once in a while you battle and here and there you shower love. Angad asks her not to give him a chance to do anything incorrectly or say anything incorrectly. He requests that her battle with him in the event that he does anything incorrectly and asks her not to tolerate anything incorrectly. The woman phantom holds her leg. Ankit, Karthik and other person check the CCTV film outside Ashutosh’s office.

Karthik offers cash to the security fellow. They inquire as to whether he is questioning Angad and leave. Ankit checks the CCTV film and sees the woman apparition on the screen. He tumbles down from the seat. Angad supposes it appears the woman phantom proceeded to reveal to Sandhya that Kapil is controlling his body and entered him. He tells everything. Sandhya is stunned. He says you was with Kapil throughout the day and says he leaves my body from 3-6 pm. Sandhya asks what are you saying? She feels somebody is pulling her saree. Angad looks down and sees the woman apparition under the eating table. He gets stunned. Sandhya looks down and sees the woman phantom. The woman phantom assaults Sandhya. Angad races to spare her, yet the woman phantom assaults both. She takes the blade and cuts his palm. She makes Sandhya fly in air and damages her gravely. Angad asks woman apparition to leave Sandhya and says he won’t tell anybody.

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Precap: The woman apparition enters Sandhya and strolls towards Angad holding blade. Angad says I am your Angad. The woman phantom in Sandhya tells that she will be executed. She cuts her throat. Angad is stunned.


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