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Angad comes to room and supposes he acted wrongly with Sandhya. He attempts to compose the letter for Sandhya and every one of the papers flies with the exception of the paper which he is having. He keeps the shiv ji’s paper weight on it. He understands that it isn’t flying because of shiv ji. He supposes he realizes what to do and rushes to the sanctuary leaving the letter there itself. The woman apparition attempts to get inside the sanctuary and yells requesting that he come outside. Sandhya gets back home and sees Akhil. Usha says he is unwell since he came and requests that her sit close by. She goes to bring water for him. Sandhya asks him what was the deal? Akhil says I have to disclose to you something and tell that he saw jiju leaving Ashutosh’s office when he was killed.

Sandhya says this can’t occur, he didn’t let me know. Akhil says there is some association of Angad with Ashu’s homicide. Sandhya doesn’t trust him and tells that Angad is her better half and she won’t hear anything against him. She says Angad helped and upheld her when the phantom assaulted her in the town. She reproves him and reveals to Usha that she is returning home. Angad finds the woman phantom gone. The woman apparition goes to Malini’s washroom when the last is there. All of a sudden the light begins glimmering and she sees woman phantom’s appearance in the mirror and wipes the mirror with material. She sees woman apparition/Kapil’s better half and swoons in stun and falls in the bath. Angad composes message for Sandhya requesting that her read the letter on the aarti plate and keeps it behind the symbol of God. He supposes now it is 5:55 pm.

Malini gets up had and asks Angad to open the entryway. Angad hears two voices and understands his mum is controlled by the woman phantom. He asks woman phantom to leave his mum. Woman phantom makes Malini slaps herself. She slams her head into the divider and inquires as to whether he won’t turn out. Malini goes to corridor and attempts to end it all hanging herself. Angad leaves sanctuary to spare her and spares her. Kapil gets inside Angad and makes him drop Malini on floor. He says your child dropped you. Sandhya achieves home and discovers Malini on the floor. She calls everybody and after that Angad. Kapil is escaping her and grins. Sandhya takes Malini to emergency clinic and petitions God for her. She asks Shiv ji what happened all of a sudden and requests that Shiv ji spare her mummy ji. Malini’s significant other, phupha ji and others reach there. Sandhya tells everything. Manu thinks there is something incorrectly without a doubt. His better half says criminal probably assaulted. They get some information about Angad. Sandhya says I called him, yet his telephone was off. They stress for Angad.

Specialist turns out and inquires as to whether Malini hurt herself before moreover. Phupha ji says why she will do this. Specialist says as indicated by the finding, she hurt herself. Malini’s significant other what would you like to state that she is distraught. Specialist requests her reports document. Sandhya says I will bring and returns home. Kapil leaves Angad and discloses to him that it is he who was in charge of Malini’s assault. He says he will rebuff him and attempts to execute him with rope. Nisha comes there and is stunned. Kapil drops Angad and tells phantom is inside him. He says you have liberated me and that is the reason I expressed gratitude toward you. Nisha runs terrified. Kapil makes the things fall and the lights burst. Nisha cries and runs. He takes out the divider edge and tosses on her. Nisha twists. He tosses vase on her. Nisha gets hit and stows away. Sandhya comes to in vehicle. Kapil says you have brought me here and is avoiding me. He says you, me and your Angu..your Angad. He pivots his head 360 degrees and snatches Nisha’s neck. He says I will give you a possibility and says in the event that you advise anything to anybody, at that point I will slaughter you with the goal that your dead body isn’t found by anybody. He asks will you tell anybody. Nisha gestures no. Sandhya comes there and sees Nisha yelling. She inquires as to why there is blood on her brow. Nisha doesn’t advise her and leaves frightened. Sandhya supposes she came to get the document and searches in the room, yet she couldn’t get any record. She supposes Mummy ji had said that it was kept in the Almira and thinks which Almira. She goes to the storeroom to look through the document holding the light. A grind tumbles down. She picks the record and supposes it is peculiar name. Kapil’s pic tumbles down on the ground from the organizer. Sandhya have a glimse at it and simply then she discovers Malini’s document. She leaves storeroom and thinks whether that pic was of Kapil, she returns however couldn’t see the pic holding tight the divider without anyone else.

Angad/Kapil returns home and asks Sandhya what occurred at home. He says why the house is failed. Sandhya tells that Malini is harmed and is in the emergency clinic. Kapil supposes she got spared. Sandhya says she called him, however his number is off. Kapil says he was in the gathering and inquires as to whether she is alive. Sandhya is stunned. Kapil inquires as to whether she told something. Sandhya says she is oblivious and gets Shobha’s call who tells that Malini got cognizance. Phupha ji placates Angad’s dad. Manu’s significant other asks him not to be anxious and says you are DCP, this thing sometimes falls short for you. He says something isn’t right definitely. He says first, Ashu kicked the bucket and afterward Malini. He says today is 23rd june, in what capacity can such huge numbers of fortuitous event occur at same time. He says in the event that next number is our own, at that point. She says it is only a fortuitous event and says in the event that you are frightened, at that point your will dread will murder you. Kapil comes there in Angad and asks who will execute Manohar uncle. She says we were discussing your mom. He unnerves them and says this city have turned out to be hazardous and says no one realizes who will kick the bucket. He at that point goes to Angad’s dad and requests that he offer document to specialist. He takes a gander at the woman apparition/his significant other.

Specialist checks Malini and tells that he needs her reports for her prescription. Kapil comes there with Angad. Malini gains cognizance. She saw the woman apparition and yells requesting that her better half get out. She gets crazy and pushes her significant other and others. Sandhya asks her not to get frightened. Malini takes the blade in her grasp and assaults Sandhya’s hand. Bua thinks whether bhabhi needs the phantom to leave Sandhya. Sandhya holds Malini and after that the staff of the emergency clinic holds her. Specialist gives her infusion and tells that she is in extraordinary stun. Her better half asks who went into the house and says I swear that I won’t leave them. Phupha ji and her significant other requests that her tell something. Malini cries. Angad takes a gander at her with his red eyes. Malini tells Kaash..ti. Sandhya says kaashti..Malini couldn’t talk. Specialist checks her and says she lost her voice. They get stunned. Specialist says she lost her voice because of the stun and requests that they go out. Sandhya is stunned and reviews the woman phantom. Sandhya calls Usha and tells about Malini telling Kaashti.

Usha calls pandit ji, however his number is off. They get stressed. Sandhya gets back home and reviews Angad’s changed conduct. She supposes my Angad isn’t changed and petitions God for their Jodi. Dev comes there and says I was looking Angad and asks did you see? Sandhya says he is in room and resting. Dev asks would you say you are okay? She says yes. Kapil in Angad eats chicken in the kitchen. Woman apparition comes infront of him and says Manoj. Kapil says next prey is Manoj. Shobha appeals to God for Malini in the inhouse sanctuary. Sindoor plate with message composed is on posterior of sanctuary region.

Precap: Sandhya comes to get sindoor from the sanctuary and peruses Angad’s message in the plate. She supposes for what reason did he compose here.


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