Kavach 2 Mahashivratri 7th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Shakini shows her past to Reka. Reka knows that her husband tortures her and kills her. She goes back to reality and tells Shayya how much she hates people, and so she does it all. He also said that the next victim was Angad. Marini asks Sasha to give Shakini what she wants and give him love as she was in trouble since entering the house. Angad refuses and she says that she will fight Shakini till her last breath, but she never falls in love again. Sandhya tells Malini that the priests have come close.

When the priest arrives at the house, Shakini makes them a doll. Sandhya and Angad were surprised to see bells ringing and the door opened as butterflies were formed. Marini tells them that there is no other way but to surrender to love. Angad gets an idea and gets up. Everyone follows him and asks what he is trying to do. He calls Shakini and asks her to meet him. Sandhya tries to stop him, but he is locked in her room. Sandhya goes to the temple to pray for her safety.

Shakini arrives and feels Angad’s body with his hand. She returns and asks to meet him. In Retrospect, Angad Sakini’s face and body are burnt and look stained. After a while, he made her feel brave and aching in her eyes, so she was not afraid to see him. He tells her that he understands that he hurts someone he loves and trusts and tells them to leave the family because they are not careless. She asks if he lied and proves that he didn’t hug her. Angad hugs Shakini without hesitation, his entire body returns to normal, and his soul is freed. She thanks Angad for the salvation of her soul, but warns her that she cannot stop Sasha from pursuing her bow.

Marini overhears this and lets her love out of the house. When everyone protests, she still sends him out. Sandhya and Angad take her back. Marini tells the family that whoever wants her can fight, but she goes home if love stays in this house. She hears someone’s laugh, walks into the room and starts packing. As she turns around, you can see someone walking under the bed sheet and laughing. Marini’s husband asked to open the door, but she did not ask. Marini picks up the sheets on the bed and research and see what she sees. Angad and Sandhya arrive and Angad opens the gate. They go inside and find that Marni is lying on the floor, where her body is completely green.

Sandhya believes that there should be a brother behind it, but Angad assures her that it is probably nothing. Meanwhile, Reha is present in her room during meditation. She then paints another one. This time it is a baby bill. Later everyone sees the green bill on the wall and starts thinking that Marin’s green has nothing to do with it. But Angad is showing children and playing with paint and paint. After everyone is gone, Reka checks the prints and touches them and she throws them back. She sees that her hands are green and blood is coming from her eyes and nose to the mirror. She walks and follows the green footprint, but she leads him into the room.

Later, Sansa starts talking to Reika, but she is asleep. Before arriving in Sanha, Reha looked green as she saw the elf like a child on the terrace. A Yogini-like creature goes to Jolie’s room and starts throwing things out of her panic. Ankit is a sedative. When the lights go on in the evening, the childlike Alive immediately says that they will be afraid of him coming.

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