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The Episode starts with Sandhya falling down after the lady ghost attacks her. Angad runs to her and asks her to arise. Sandhya opens her eyes. Ghost possessed her and her eyes turn red. She says Sandhya will die and slits her throat. it’s far Angad’s creativeness and he shouts Sandhya. Sandhya asks what took place and asks what’s he hiding from her. Angad recollects kapil’s words and asks her to leave him by myself. Usha calls Sandhya and tells that Akhil is lots ill with fever and taking her name for the reason that he came. Sandhya says she will come. Angad comes to room and thinks he behaved wrongly with Sandhya. He attempts to put in writing the letter for Sandhya and all of the papers flies except the paper which he’s having. He maintains the shiv ji’s paper weight on it. He realizes that it is not flying due to shiv ji. He thinks he knows what to do and runs to the temple leaving the letter there itself. The girl ghost attempts to get within the temple and shouts asking him to come out of doors.

Sandhya comes home and sees Akhil. Usha says he is unwell considering he got here and asks her to sit through her side. She is going to bring water for him. Sandhya asks him what occurred? Akhil says I want to tell you something and inform that he noticed jiju popping out of Ashutosh’s workplace whilst he changed into murdered. Sandhya says this can’t appear, he didn’t inform me. Akhil says there may be some connection of Angad with Ashu’s murder. Sandhya doesn’t believe him and tells that Angad is her husband and she or he will now not pay attention anything towards him. She says Angad helped and supported her while the ghost attacked her in the village. She scolds him and tells Usha that she is going domestic. Angad unearths the lady ghost long gone.

The girl ghost is going to Malini’s rest room whilst the latter is there. the mild begins flickering and she or he sees woman ghost’s reflection in the reflect and wipes the replicate with cloth. She sees woman ghost/Kapil’s spouse and faints in shock and falls in the tub. Angad writes message for Sandhya asking her to study the letter at the aarti plate and continues it at the back of the idol of God. He thinks now it is 5:fifty five pm. Malini gets up possessed and asks Angad to open the door. Angad hears voices and realizes his mum is possessed by using the woman ghost. He asks female ghost to go away his mum. woman ghost makes Malini slaps herself. She bangs her head at the wall and asks if he’s going to not come out. Malini is going to hall and attempts to commit suicide hanging herself. Angad comes out of temple to shop her and saves her. Kapil receives inner Angad and makes him drop Malini on ground. He says your son dropped you. Sandhya reaches domestic and reveals Malini on the ground. She calls all of us and then Angad. Kapil is hiding from her and smirks. Sandhya takes Malini to sanatorium and prays for her. She asks Shiv ji what took place unexpectedly and asks Shiv ji to store her mummy ji. Malini’s husband, phupha ji and others attain there. Sandhya tells the whole thing. Manu thinks there is something incorrect for certain. His spouse says thief must have attacked. They ask about Angad. Sandhya says I called him, however his cellphone changed into off. They worry for Angad.

physician comes out and asks if Malini hurt herself earlier than also. Phupha ji says why she will be able to do that. doctor says consistent with the analysis, she hurt herself. Malini’s husband what do you want to say that she is mad. physician asks for her reviews record. Sandhya says i can bring and goes home. Kapil comes out of Angad and tells him that it’s miles he who changed into chargeable for Malini’s attack. He says he will punish him and tries to kill him with rope. Nisha comes there and is shocked. Kapil drops Angad and tells ghost is internal him. He says you’ve got freed me and that’s why I thanked you. Nisha runs scared. Kapil makes the things fall and the lighting burst. Nisha cries and runs. he is taking out the wall body and throws on her. Nisha bends. He throws vase on her. Nisha gets hit and hides. Sandhya reaches in automobile. Kapil says you’ve got delivered me here and is hiding from me. He says you, me and your Angu..your Angad. He rotates his head 360 levels and grabs Nisha’s neck. He says i’m able to give you a hazard and says if you tell some thing to each person then i can kill you so that your dead body isn’t always discovered by way of every body. He asks will you tell all of us. Nisha nods no. Sandhya comes there and sees Nisha shouting. She asks why there’s blood on her forehead. Nisha doesn’t inform her and leaves scared. Sandhya thinks she got here to get the report and searches in the room, but she couldn’t get any record. She thinks Mummy ji had stated that it turned into kept inside the Almira and thinks which Almira. She involves the storeroom to search the report preserving the torch. A report falls down. She picks the record and thinks it is bizarre name. Kapil’s p.c falls down on the ground from the folder. Sandhya have a glimse at it and simply then she reveals Malini’s file. She comes out of storeroom and thinks if that percent turned into of Kapil, she is going returned but couldn’t see the p.c striking on the wall by means of itself.

Angad /Kapil comes home and asks Sandhya what came about at home. He says why the house is messed up. Sandhya tells that Malini is injured and is in the health facility. Kapil thinks she were given saved. Sandhya says she referred to as him, however his range is off. Kapil says he changed into in the meeting and asks if she is alive. Sandhya is shocked. Kapil asks if she informed some thing. Sandhya says she is unconscious and receives Shobha’s name who tells that Malini were given attention. Phupha ji pacifies Angad’s father. Manu’s spouse asks him now not to be anxious and says you’re DCP, this thing doesn’t suit you. He says something is incorrect clearly. He says first, Ashu died after which Malini. He says these days is 23rd june, how can such a lot of twist of fate show up at identical time. He says if subsequent number is ours then. She says it is only a twist of fate and says if you are scared then your will fear will kill you. Kapil comes there in Angad and asks who will kill Manohar uncle. She says we have been speaking about your mom. He scares them and says this town have end up unsafe and says no one is aware of who will die. He then comes to Angad’s father and asks him to present file to medical doctor. He appears at the female ghost/his wife.

medical doctor tests Malini and tells that he wishes her reports for her medicine. Kapil comes there with Angad. Malini profits consciousness. She recalls seeing the lady ghost and shouts asking her husband to get out. She receives hysterical and pushes her husband and others. Sandhya asks her no longer to get scared. Malini takes the knife in her hand and assaults Sandhya’s hand. Bua thinks if bhabhi desires the ghost to come out of Sandhya. Sandhya holds Malini and then the group of workers of the medical institution holds her. doctor gives her injection and tells that she is in intense surprise. Her husband asks who entered the house and says I swear that i will not go away them. Phupha ji and her husband asks her to inform something. Malini cries. Angad seems at her together with his red eyes. Malini tells Kaash..ti. Sandhya says kaashti..Malini couldn’t speak. physician tests her and says she lost her voice. They get bowled over. doctor says she lost her voice because of the shock and asks them to exit. Sandhya is greatly surprised and recollects the girl ghost. Sandhya calls Usha and tells about Malini telling Kaashti.

Usha calls pandit ji, however his range is off. They get concerned. Sandhya comes domestic and recollects Angad’s changed conduct. She thinks my Angad isn’t changed and prays for their Jodi. Dev comes there and says i was looking Angad and asks did you see? Sandhya says he’s in room and resting. Dev asks are you alright? She says sure. Kapil in Angad eats fowl inside the kitchen. woman ghost comes infront of him and says Manoj. Kapil says subsequent prey is Manoj. Shobha prays for Malini inside the inhouse temple. Sindoor plate with message written is on lower back side of temple location.

Precap: Sandhya involves get sindoor from the temple and reads Angad’s message within the plate. She thinks why did he write right here.


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