Samurai Marathon
From the movie “Samurai Marathon” – (C) “SAMURAI MARATHON 1855” FILM Partners

This year, Ken Sato , Matsuzaka Momoi , Hoshino Gen , starring “Samurai movie” of the attention is waiting for you.

Sato’s starring ” Samurai Marathon ” (released February 22) is an entertainment masterpiece that made the live action movie “Tokugawa shogun Samurai” by Tsuchihiro Dobashi based on the historical fact that “Samurai will play a marathon .” Bakumato, prepares for a foreign threat to approach In anticipation of the threats of the Annaka lord, Itakura Katsuaki holds an excursion running over the mountain road of Zuri (about 58 kilometers), but due to a mistake this movement is regarded as a rebellion against the shogunate, To the castle thugs who aim to destroy the Annaka clan will be sent in.

Sato Fumuru Karasawa Jinouchi is usually a mediocre samurai, but in fact it is a shield sneaking into the clan as a spy of the shogunate. Sato expresses the secret feelings of Jinnai and plays a role that requires physical abilities. In addition to playing the swordsmen of the Bakumatsu even in the movie ‘ Rurouni Kenshin ‘ series and so on, there is a feeling of Mr. Sato’s reputation as a reputation for action performance as well. Hopes for co-starring with luxurious fabrics such as Kaname Nana , Moriyama Miyuki , Shiota Itaya , Naoto Takenaka , Etsushi Toyokawa , Hirosi Hasegawa will also increase expectations.

Matsuzaka ‘s first starring as a historical drama ” Drowsy Bell ” (released May 17), made a live-action movie of Saeki Yasuhide ‘ s popular novel. Matsuzaka is playing the hero who plays the evil as a bouncer of a currency exchange shop at a gentle ronin who works at an eel in the evening, at night. He embodies a samurai who lives more strongly than anyone, fighting evil with the sorrowful past secretly hidden in his chest, and also shows full-scale sword fighting in the play. I’d like to pay attention to Matsuzaka’s first starring movie which played a role as Shibayamune Ru / Shinken Red at “Samurai Sentai Shinkenger”.

Like the original of “Samurai Marathon” as well as the novel by Tsuchihashi “Moving Daimyo Sanzenri” made a movie ” Moving Daimyo! (Published on August 30), Hoshino plays a samurai of a library number called “snail” that loves books without intersecting people. In the same work, the struggle of the clans trying to overcome the expensive moving far away by the wisdom and ingenuity is drawn based on the episode of the lord Daimei Matsudaira who was ordered to change the country frequently (moving). Hoshino is interested in how he plays “withdrawal samurai” who has been appointed as a moving magistrate because he likes books because “he likes books.”

From the end of last year, Sosuke Ikematsu and Aoi Yu was co-star ” Zan, ” Eita “starring darkness of gear has been such as” the public, but the topic era drama is followed, the three also in the standby operation’s three It seems that you can enjoy the charm of Samurai movie like


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