Ken Sato
Ken Sato who showed a cute smile

Actor Ken Sato came on the 23rd of the movie ” Samurai Marathon ” in Tokyo, and gave a message to the opening memorial setting, revealing that he challenged him with a spirit of rewriting the image of history.

This work which made a novel “Tokugawa Morosan Samurai” of a movie made by Toshihiro Doihashi who handled “Ansei Excursion (Ansou and Ohashi)” said to be the first marathon contest in history in Japan . It is depicted as a dreamlike tournament that any hope can be fulfilled if it wins, and it turns into a battle over which the clan lost its fate.

Sato who has a face of perseverance infiltrating the clan as a spy of the shogunate · Sato Karasawa Jinouchi was thinking “I would like to work with overseas people”, and I was deeply moved by the tag with Bernard Rose . “I guess it was the most thrilling site I experienced in the past, as I did not decide movement or dialogue, I entered the actual without knowing how the opponent’s actors will move, so I understood my character It was an environment where it would not be possible without it. ” And, “I’m very happy that I was able to play in actors who would like to have a lot of fun, not neglecting the director’s speech,” he said with a smile.

In addition, while complaining that “people in the Edo period of life, how to talk, how to run is not understood”, “There is an image that samurai in us is like this, but that is also a prejudice, “I arrived at the answer of making up,” when I mentioned my own opinion, “This movie, this role is not to trace” history “that was made in the past but the thought that they propose” new history ” I also had a magnificent dream that “There was.”

On this day, Nana Komatsu , Michiyama Mitsuko , Shiota Itaya , Sakitaka Aoki , Yuta Ozeki , Naoto Takenaka and Director Bernard visited.

Komatsu, who played the man dressed as a snow princess, reveals that “On the spot it continued to be said to be” a woman, no matter what, “but Sato said” I’m a woman “or” Komatsu ” However, Komatsu smiled, “I let you play in the promise not to notice it.” Moriyama who tried horseback riding “is important” is surely hip at the end “and Akagi said,” We called Moriyama Centaurs in us, the horse and the people were assimilating, “he said. I complimented the laughter of the meeting place.


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