Kesari Nandan 10th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Goon gets him and says you be with us currently, call manager and converse with him. Pappu says he realizes me well. Zoravar answers the goon’s call. Goon asks did you send any person to meet Zoravar. Zoravar says no, who is he, stop him, I will come to meet. Goon says so you were lying. Kesari and Kalki climb the divider and get in. They search for Jawahar. Goon takes Pappu inside. Kesari and Kalki cover up. Kesari checks Jawahar’s area and says this red dab is stamping to some close territory. They search for Jawahar. They hear some twisted. They see Jawahar free. He asks what are both of you doing here. Kesari says please let me know, who is behind this.

Jawahar says my family is in threat, I can’t tell anything. Kalki chastens him for stowing away here, Rana ji is killed, Hanumant is in prison. He says they are perilous, attempt to get it. He sees Zoravar coming and says he is coming, simply go. Kesari attempts to see. She doesn’t see Zoravar. Jawahar asks her to simply go. Kesari says we will see that man. She hears Pappu yelling. Bhairav gets free and beats the goons. Goon wounds him. Bhairav tumbles down. Pappu says let me go. Goon says manager is coming. Kesari and Kalki see Zoravar. Goons lock Pappu. Zoravar runs out by hearing a sound. Kesari and Kalki run and free Pappu.

Kesari requests that they leave, she will see that man’s face today. She sends them and covers up. Zoravar comes in. She gets stunned seeing him. She says Kakusa. He gets a blade out. The goon in the lockup gets a blade and wounds Hanumant. Hanumant holds his hand from behind and tosses the blade. He says you figured I won’t question you, reveal to me who has sent you. He kicks the man. Zoravar goes to see. Kesari covers up.

Zoravar asks Bijli to get inside Kalki’s room and check whether she is there. Bijli requests that the gatekeepers see Kesari and Kalki. Kalki and Pappu come there. Bijli says accuse will seek us in the event that anything transpires. Kalki stresses. Bijli says break the entryway, its about their lives. Gatekeepers open the entryway. Bijli sees Kesari and Kalki battling. Kalki reproves the watchmen. Zoravar gets bewildered. Bijli says three children are here itself. Zoravar says then who has come here. Pappu says we got spared. Kalki asks did you see that man. Kesari says he is Zoravar, my Kakusa, it implies he has kept Jawahar hostage, I have seen him. Kalki and Pappu get stunned. Pappu says however he is a pleasant man.

Kesari reviews Zoravar’s words. Kalki says I came in Zoravar’s words and constrained my father, I m the reason of father’s passing, Zoravar has deceived us. Kesari says I likewise believed him a ton, we need to think what to do. Kalki says we will tell police. Kesari says no, we have no evidence against him, we will bomb him in his game. Kalki gestures.

Precap: Kasari says Zoravar isn’t my uncle, he is a fiend, I loathe him. She makes Zoravar tumble down. Madhavi and Jagat get stunned.


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