Kesari Nandan 14th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Kesari staying unhappy. Madhavi asks her to take some relaxation. Kesari asks why did you inquire from me to lose. Madhavi says I don’t find you weak, I told this as I find you mature. She says I recognise I did incorrectly to invite you to lose, but it became my duty as a wife to take your help, Jagat’s future is Hanumant’s dream. Kesari says I understand, i can by no means be irritated with you. She says I felt awful to lose these days. Madhavi asks her to invite Bajrang Bali to get answers. She makes Kesari sleep. Its morning, Hanumant sees all people in wrestling floor. He says its a great information, Jagat got a sponsorship. Jawahar name callings on Kesari. He asks Hanumant to present him a chance to prove himself. Hanumant says I recognise a skilled wrestler.

Jawahar says supply me a threat as my dad has given you. Jagat asks what are you announcing. Kesari thinks Jawahar has insulted my dad these days. Hanumant receives angry and goes to Jawahar. He says you are my scholar, so I m forgiving you, but be cautious. Kesari says Jawahar can’t fight with Jagat because he has a plaster on one hand. Jawahar gets rid of his plaster. Hanumant says you talk large things, I want to look the way you fight Dangal, I can provide you with a hazard, you will fight Dangal with Kesari. He asks Kesari is he equipped. Kesari thinks yes, I’m able to make you proud. Jawahar asks will i am getting a threat to get skilled with Jagat if I win. Hanumant asks him to first win and display. He asks him to get rid of his bangle. Jawahar sees chilli powder and maintains a few in his pocket. He comes for the fight.

Kesari and Jawahar fight. Kesari pushes him down. Hanumant asks him to rise up. Kesari remembers Hanumant’s phrases. She tackles Jawahar yet again. Jawahar places chilli powder in her eyes. Jagat shouts its dishonest. Hanumant stops Jawahar. Kesari says no, Dangal didn’t cease, i can end it. She wipes her eyes and takes Hanumant’s permission. She lifts Jawahar’s leg and throws him down. Jawahar receives irritated advert beats her. She twists his hand and sits over his back. Hanumant says sufficient, go away him. Kesari gets away. Hanumant asks Jagat to get water for Kesari. Hanumant gets indignant on Jawahar and slaps him. He says you aren’t my pupil now, get out of right here proper away. He asks Jawahar to never come returned. Jawahar goes. Hanumant says dishonest isn’t allowed right here, I won’t tolerate it. He praises Kesari. He says an awesome wrestler thinks ahead and by no means loses in front of problems, I m proud of you. Kesari smiles. Hanumant blesses her. He asks them to begin training. Jagat congratulates Kesari. He says i have seen dad prevailing many Dangals, you jogged my memory of him these days, you are notable.

Precap:- Jagat and Kesari arm wrestle. Hanumant asks hem to come back, Jagat is getting sponsorship. Kesari asks shall I come. Hanumant asks her to finish milk glass first then he will take her alongside.

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