Kesari Nandan 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Bhairav Singh seeing Hanumant’s pic in the paper. She calls somebody and says I m coming to Dhanwa, I acknowledge your offer. He says I m coming Hanumant. Jagat asks Kesari for what good reason did you will not battle, you can undoubtedly vanquish Jawahar. They see Jawahar leaving. They go in and converse with Shakti. Shakti feels sorry for Jagat.

Jagat says its fine, Kesari needs to enlist and get enrollment to battle from Dhanwa wrestling club. Shakti ridicules him. Jagat says I simply know laws and I will take help of it. Shakti says you are compromising me, fine proceed to get the laws in the middle. Shakti admonishes Jagat and approaches him to get Hanumant for the discussion, since Kesari is youthful. He says Kesari is getting rebuffed for being a revolutionary. Kesari reminds him the promise he has taken when he turned into a wrestler. She discloses to him that he needs to turn into a decent person first, how might he do treachery with others. She reprimands him.

Shakti says fine, I will give you enrollment yet for 10000rs. Kesari and Jagat solicit how might you exploit from our circumstance, we have no cash. Shakti says this is my standard, I know everything, don’t demonstrate frame of mind to me. Kesari says fine, I will come here with my father or cash, you need to give my participation at that point. Rana ji comes to Kalki and says prepare, your neighborhood mentor is arriving in 60 minutes. Kalki giggles and says he needs to inspire me, at that point I will acknowledge him as mentor.

He supposes yes right, I need some mentor to diminish your sense of self, its demon to keep you in charge. Bhairav comes to Dhanwa. Individuals see him and get gazing. He achieves his old house and discovers it bolted. He says my home is additionally dull like me. He goes into the house and sees his old awards. He gets furious and ruins Hanumant’s pic.

He sees Bharat Kesari’s declaration and yells. Jagat and Kesari are en route. They think how to get the cash. He asks will we take cash from Zoravar. She says no, father will get annoyed with one more error, I won’t do this. He asks what will I do. She says return home and take rest, I need to get a book from Kripa, I will get it, I will come. He says fine, fare thee well. He goes. She appeals to get help. She says I need to satisfy Jagat’s fantasy. She sees the monkey and runs with him to share her heart. He flees. She tails him and slams into Bhairav. He asks where are you running. She says you didn’t see me, how might I see you. He snickers. She goes.

He goes to see the Akhada. Kesari asks monkey where is he taking her. She sees Jawahar at firearm point. She looks on and attempts to perceive what’s going on. The goons leave. Jawahar yells don’t shoot me. Kesari holds him and says its me, Kesari. He asks where is my vehicle, presently father won’t abandon me. She reviews the goons’ words and says I realize where is your vehicle. He says I beseech you, if you don’t mind help me. She says you didn’t give Shakti a chance to support me. He says father will beat me. She says I won’t support you, I will see you getting pounded. He says fine, I will support you, you help me, I swear. She says come, we will get your vehicle. They run.

Jawahar and Kesari go to the goons’ fort and see the vehicle. He says we will get thumped, I m returning. She says stop you defeatist, let me think, accompany me. They stow away and see the goons. She requests that he give his shades. She asks him to simply stay there until she comes. Kesari comes there as a visually impaired young lady, while wearing the dark glasses. The goons take a gander at her.

Precap: Rana ji presents Hanumant Singh. He asks Hanumant to mentor Kalki. Kesari gets her enrollment and approaches Hanumant to prepare her for Jagat’s joy.


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