Kesari Nandan 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Bijli says I fell down, I ought to do all the paintings. Madhavi maintains a few photos. She says its higher if some snap shots are included with dirt. She is going. Rana ji asks Evan to educate her champion daughter. Kalki is going for practice. She asks what’s this training round. Evan says we don’t have any preference, we will start with the run, come on quicker. He feels an awful lot warmth and drinks water. Jagat trains Kesari and asks her to maintain doing the push ups. He counts it to one hundred. Dangal dangal….plays…. Kalki says so i have done it once more, I broke my ultimate report. She drinks water. Jagat receives hurt and explains the flow to Kesari. He praises Kesari when she does the step right. Kesari’s exercise goes on nicely. Kalki doesn’t allow soil recover from her. Kesari applies soil to her forehead. Kesari pulls a heavy stone slab through her lower back. She wears a tyre on her neck and walks. She does sit down ups. Evan trains Kalki.

Jagat asks Kesari now not to get worn-out, the practice just started. Kesari asks him to sit and have water. She gives him medicines. She applies a few oil to his toes. He smiles and asks is this a part of schooling. She says sure, educate is Guru, and serving teacher is worship, very quickly you received’t want this wheelchair. He says go away about me, you need to turn out to be member of Dhanwa wrestling association. She asks how will this occur. Evan faints down. Kalki runs to him and asks are you okay. She shouts for help. Evan gets up and says wherein did i get caught, i will’t stay in so much hot temperature. Kesari comes to highschool and meets her friends. Kesari meets the new college students. everybody greets her. Jawahar seems on. Pappu says to procure permission to enter Akhada. Kesari says its just the begin.

He asks is there every person who can assignment Kesari. Kripa says all the boys are scared, they don’t need to get overwhelmed up. Kesari says we come right here to examine, no longer right. Jawahar says women appearance properly whilst cooking food in kitchen, and dancing in nighttime. The lady says every body wants Kesari and Jawahar to have some other fit. Jawahar recollects the component. The girls tease Jawahar. Kesari shouts stop it, enough now, i’m able to no longer fight everyone. She asks Kripa now not to think about this, she has to sign up in wrestling affiliation. Jawahar thinks I have to stop her some way. Rana ji laughs. Kalki asks why are you laughing. He says Evan fainted down, is he a wrestler or not. Kalki says he is the fine, this village is sort of a hell. He says people live and help others live. He suggests Hanumant Singh getting Evan on his again. She asks who’s that.

Rana ji says the pleasure of Dhanwa, Bharat Kesari, wrestler Hanumant Singh, the life of Dhanwa soil. Hanumant places down Evan and says maybe your guest fainted with the aid of the high temperature. Rana ji says yes, thank you. Hanumant says it turned into my duty. He is going. Evan gets up and says the water here is bad, my belly is disillusioned. He runs. Rana ji laughs and says I don’t think your instruct will stay right here, I advised you earlier than, the first-rate coach of Dhanwa. She asks who. He thinks i’ve decided, who becomes your teach.

Precap Upcoming Kesari Nandan Episode Update: Jagat asks Shakti to let Kesari check in in the wrestling affiliation. Shakti refuses. Jagat argues. Shakti asks for 10000rs as membership fees.


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