Kesari Nandan 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Kesari tricking the men and making them come up short on the godown. Jawahar takes his vehicle and goes, without helping him. The goons return and yell the young lady tricked us and fled with a vehicle. She stows away inside a vehicle dickey. Rana ji learns Hanumant has come. Kalki reprimands the worker. Hanumant stops her trouble making. She requests that he abandon her hand. He says recall, its demon to turn into a decent individual before getting to be whatever else. Rana ji comes. Kalki asks who is he, father.

Rana ji says he did what I couldn’t do. Hanumant says sorry, I was simply clarifying her. Rana ji grins and says he is wrestler Hanumant Singh, he is the best wrestler, I need him to mentor you. The man checks the vehicle dickey and gets Kesari. Police comes there. Kesari says now you will get captured. Police gets them. Overseer acclaims Kesari’s fortitude. The men contend and get captured. Kesari says I confided in somebody and stalled out here. Monitor says I m cheerful to spare your life, don’t you need a reward, the posse is needed, govt has reported 10000rs reward on them. She gets happy and says now I will get enrollment in Dhanwa wrestling club. Rana demonstrates Kalki’s participation structure to Hanumant and requests that he train her. Hanumant asks what are you saying. Hanumant says sorry, this won’t be conceivable. Kesari gets cash and provides for Shakti. She says now none can prevent me from wrestling, give me my structure.

Shakti gives her the structure. She gets happy and says I wish father prepares to prepare me, at that point Jagat’s desire will get total. Rana ji says the sky is the limit. Rana ji reminds Hanumant about his credits and boycott. He says I can help you in disposing of the boycott, I leave the choice on you. Hanumant gets stunned. Rana ji requests that he choose. Shakti asks Bhairav to prepare every one of his wrestlers. The man jokes on Bhairav. Bhairav goes to him and gets irate. The man says Hanumant constantly crushed you in each Dangal and even infatuated, he grabbed your adoration too. The men chuckle on Bhairav. Bhairav requests that the man battle with his rival. He advises something to the rival. The man loses. Everybody applauds the battle. The man says you deceived, you can never be equivalent to Hanumant. Bhairav gets irate and tosses him down. Bhairav says Hanumant isn’t a wrestler now, I m the best. Pandit asks him not to have much sense of self. Bhairav says I m the genuine wrestler, I m glad. Shakti says I need to make you meet somebody, come.

Kesari is upbeat and returns home. She thanks the monkey for all the assistance. Hanumant is en route and reviews Rana ji’s words. Kesari sees him coming. She sees the glass pieces in his manner and races to stop him. She evacuates the glass pieces. She demonstrates her enrollment structure. He gets stunned. He asks did you get this all alone. She says truly, with your endowments, I didn’t mislead anybody, this authentication is valid. He says I confide in you. She says we both love Jagat a great deal, he is exceptionally disturbed, you wouldn’t prepare me, if you don’t mind consent to prepare me for his joy, I will do whatever you state.

Precap Upcoming Kesari Nandan Episode Update: Hanumant says I have taken a choice, Rana ji has made everything fine, I need to prepare his girl Kalki for Bharat Kesari title. Kesari gets stunned.


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