Kesari Nandan 18th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Hanumant getting Johri’s call. Johri asks him to get Jagat and sign the sponsorship papers. Hanumant worries and lies to him. Madhavi takes care of Jagat. Hanumant says Jagat has long gone for training, i will come to sign the papers. Jagat feels harm. Kesari cries in her room and says I m not mendacity to dad. Madhavi comes and hears her. She says I understand Kesari can’t lie, she isn’t careless. Aatmaram comes. Hanumant scolds him for teaching cheat to Jawahar. Aatmaram asks him to study the contract. He says if you don’t pay me then i can get this haveli and grounds. Hanumant scolds him. Zoravar comes and scolds Aatmaram. Hanumant asks him to relax. He asks Aatmaram to come back after days and take money. Aatmaram goes. Hanumant says if we get an excellent harvest, we can get cash to throw on Aatmaram’s face. Zoravar says our circle of relatives never faces sorrow, all of us are happy. Hanumant is going. Zoravar says you have given me desirable information, I m additionally happy. He smiles.

Hanumant exams his bills. Madhavi comes. He asks how is Jagat. She says he is first-class, however, Kesari isn’t pleasant, she is crying plenty, she didn’t do whatever incorrect, she didn’t lie, don’t punish her, she loves Jagat lots, she respects him, she will be able to in no way hurt him. He says quality, do what you feel right, I’m able to ask you this time, not Kesari. Madhavi is going to Kesari. Kesari asks her to consider her. Madhavi hugs her. They cry. Kesari is going to satisfy Jagat. Zoravar takes the kerosene and lantern to burn the harvest. Kesari vows to defend Jagat and now not allow dad’s dream smash. Zoravar says I m illegitimate brother of Hanumant, i will ruin him.

Aatmaram and Bijli appearance on as he burns the harvest. Zoravar says I’m able to wreck Hanumant and his desires. Aatmaram says your plan is good, if Hanumant is in the field, he’s going to fail your plan. Zoravar says I m no longer a vulnerable participant, see what I do. Its morning, Kesari prays to Hanuman. Hanumant also comes to pray along. She smiles seeing him. She apologizes. He asks her now not to return between Jagat and his training. She is of the same opinion. She thanks Hanuman that he is speakme to her. She is going to Jagat. She offers him milk and drugs. He smiles. He asks her to reply about the trouble. She says there has been a snake in front of me, i used to be caught and couldn’t tie another knot. He thanks you her for holding him for long. He says i like you a lot, I won’t permit any hassle to come on you, you take care of yourself first, I’m able to manage myself. She thinks sorry, I’ve vowed to protect you.

Precap:- Bijli injures Madhavi. Kesari runs to call Hanumant. Hanumant asks Jagat and Kesari to stay in the subject. He runs to domestic.

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