Kesari Nandan 19th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Kesari resting. Madhavi cries and reveals to Jagat the amount Kesari has endured. She says I realize her birthday is tomorrow, she will have numerous desires from her father. Jagat says I will praise her birthday in a pleasant manner. The general population move some place. Kesari awakens and sees the excellent dress. She gets upbeat. She goes out and sees the enriched house. She grins seeing the inflatables. She embraces Madhavi and expresses gratitude toward Jagat. Jagat requests that her come and cut the cake. She searches for Hanumant. Jagat calls Hanumant there. Hanumant embraces Kesari and grasps her. He says I can’t prepare any other individual than you. She gets happy. Hanumant says Jagat, on the off chance that you grant, would i be able to prepare Kesari. Jagat grins.

Hanumant says Madhavi, I simply need your joy. They get happy and observe Kesari’s birthday. Kesari’s fantasy closes. She gets miserable. She glances around. Jagat sings birthday melody and embraces her. Madhavi wishes Kesari and embraces. She gives some cash to Kesari and requests that her go out with her companions and have a great time. Hanumant comes. They see him. He goes. Kesari gets miserable. Madhavi asks Kesari not to get dismal and simply play around with her companions. Kesari says I m upbeat and will remain glad, don’t stress. She goes. Pappu wishes Kesari. She keeps running with him. Jagat says I m additionally going, I need to meet a few wrestlers, I need to locate a decent mentor for her.

Madhavi asks do you know anybody. Bhairav plays tune and moves. The men look on. Bhairav requests that they move, that is likewise work out. Hanumant comes and says the games which has no order turns into a carnival. Bhairav comes to him and says one who gets everything doesn’t get anything, what’s the utilization of such triumph. Hanumant says you didn’t figure out how to esteem wrestling and win, for what reason did you come here. Bhairav says I had some fragmented work here, my wrestling profession finished as a result of you, you won Bharat kesari as I was harmed, you realized I adore Madhavi, and, after its all said and done you wedded her. Hanumant says you are incorrect, you know reality, you tumbled down in Dangal and broke your neck, I likewise cherished Madhavi like you, yet she needed to wed me, stop the garbage, leave my direction. Bhairav asks else will you beat me, I need to battle Dangal with you, at that point I will demonstrate who is better. Hanumant requests that he escape. He goes. Bhairav says you need to battle me once.

Pappu and Kesari come to royal residence. They are ceased by the watchman. Watchman says you battled with Kalki, you aren’t permitted here, Rana ji’s girl asked me not to give you a chance to come here. Kesari says we don’t have the foggiest idea about that young lady, for what reason is she furious. Pappu says we will see the princess. Hanumant comes there. He says Rana ji called me for preparing, I will pause. Watchman says you can’t come in. Kalki stays away from him. Kesari and Pappu see her and stress. Hanumant says you are before me, you are at home. Kalki says I m not at home, it implies I m not here. She makes workers lie as she needs. She asks Hanumant to express the equivalent to Rana ji. She says you figure I will make an ignorant man like you my mentor, what’s your capability. Hanumant says converse with habits. Kalki says I m a princess, I will talk as I need, get out from here. She goes. Hanumant says fine, I didn’t come to educate habits. He leaves. Pappu says Kalki isn’t terrified of your father. Kesari says I won’t abandon her, my birthday will be enjoyable.

Precap Upcoming Kesari Nandan Episode Update: Kesari tosses hues at Kalki. Kalki slaps Pappu. Kesari challenges her for a diversion.


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