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The Episode starts offevolved with Navin deliberating Komolika’s phrases. Komolika thinks of Prerna and thinks how didn’t you fall for me, Prerna why did you return between Mishka and Anurag, I suggest Prerna came between me and Anurag, I had to provoke Navin, I m so sorry Anurag has met with an coincidence, I received’t meet her, else he will feel I m interested by him. She receives a name from Navin. He says Prerna is in my clutches now, I m going to marry her tonight, she might be with me in my palms. Komolika says you will be praised in case you be successful, even i’m able to kidnap you, I informed you wherein to find Prerna, why did you get sighted, whilst you do your paintings, your manhood could be proved. Mishka comes. Komolika disconnects. Navin says i will marry after which call you to inform. Komolika asks is Anurag quality. Mishka says you had been involved in my existence and i didn’t recognize, you bought Prerna abducted, Anurag got harm. Komolika says he might be pleasant soon, Prerna is hurting him, we will lose our risk, Prerna is a sturdy contender.

Mishka gets angry and asks who else is inside the competition. Komolika says just one lady deserves Anurag, you have to thank me, I don’t trust you. She leaves. Mishka cries and says i’m able to see she has some feeling for Anurag. Mohini says I instructed him no longer to go out, even then he left. Anupam says they have got come. Veena asks did they find about kidnappers. Rajesh says we are able to find Prerna quickly. Mohini asks Anurag to go to his room. He says I m exceptional. Nivedita scolds him. Anupam says his nation isn’t high-quality, don’t scold him. Anurag is going and talks to Prerna’s p.c. He says i love you Prerna, i can discover you. Nivedita hears him and goes.

Prerna sees a candle and gets an idea. Navin talks to pandit. Prerna burns the ropes and attempts to run away. She sees the goons and thinks there might be some manner. Navin asks pandit to get geared up. Goon says that female has run away. Navin asks Prerna to come out and no longer play hide and are seeking. Goons look for her. She gets a telephone and calls Anurag. Anurag is speaking to inspector to know about her. He says i can name later, a person is looking me again and again. He solutions the decision. Navin asks goons to find her. She thinks if I talk to him now, Navin will hear my voice. Anurag says Prerna, say some thing, can’t you assert some thing, is there all of us there. He asks her where are you, inform me. She says Navin is returned, he kidnapped me, he wants to forcibly marry me. He asks what, i’m able to come there and now not allow this appear, wherein are you. She says its like some factory. Goons find her. She screams. Anurag says listen Prerna, not anything will show up to him. Navin takes cellphone and talks to him. He asks how is anybody there.

Anurag says you psycho, I knew this, just you may try this, just tell me in which are you, i can not depart you. Navin jokes. He says Prerna is very gentle, after touching her…. Anurag shouts no Navin, don’t do that. Mohini comes and asks what passed off. Anurag says Navin is lower back, he kidnapped Prerna, he desires to marry her forcibly, i can’t let this occur, do some thing, no i can do something. She says call ACP, he’s going to ship his complete group, you could’t do anything by myself. Anurag calls the ACP and informs him. Mohini goes involved. He sees Mohini long gone and says while i used to be following Prerna, i used to be on the bridge, I heard the train sound. He leaves. Prerna says I don’t need to marry you. Navin slaps her.

Prerna says i can constantly love Anurag. She attempts to break out. Navin hits on Anurag’s head. Anurag falls down. Prerna shouts Anurag.

Kesari Nandan 1st February 2019 Written Update Precap:

Kesari Nandan 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update
Kesari Nandan 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update

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