Kesari Nandan 1st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Zoravar asks Kesari to go. He asks Kalki what was Kesari saying. Kalki says she was asking me for what good reason did Jawahar get back home that day. He supposes Jawahar was there that day. Kesari comes to meet Jawahar. His mum says he isn’t at home, you go, I will let him know. Kesari sees Jawahar at home. She supposes Jawahar knows something. Legal advisor says Hanumant will be rebuffed, there is no real way to spare him. Bhairav chides him and makes him out. He says I will mastermind a greater legal counselor for him. Kesari rings the chime and covers up. She gets inside the house by avoiding Jawahar’s mum.

Kesari goes to Jawahar’s room and closes the entryway. He asks what are you doing here. She says disclose to me reality, what did you see there. He says I didn’t see anything, simply go. She supposes fine, I won’t inconvenience you, ask Rana ji’s gatekeeper not to tell police. She supposes to deceive him. He asks did guard saw me. She says no, you deceived me, let me know please. She says enormous foul play is going on with my father, kindly let me know. He says I can’t utter a word here. His mum thumps the entryway and requests that he have nourishment. He asks Kesari to go, he will meet her outside. He goes. She asks who is here. He says nobody. Kesari comes up short on window. Kesari sits tight for Jawahar. She says now I will know the guilty party now. Jawahar comes to meet her. He gets hijacked in transit. Kesari gets stunned and pursues the van. She sees the vehicle number. The men toss back Jawahar. She asks are you fine, what occurred.

She asks who was he, let me know, what did you find in Rana ji’s castle. He says I didn’t see anything, simply go from here. She says simply let me know. He says escape. Kalki says my auntie is coming, I will come when she comes here. Pappu says we will accompany you. Kalki asks what are you doing here. He says we got sustenance for you, you are separated from everyone else, its pixie to have nourishment. She says I called Jawahar, I thought he is my companion, since father left… . he isn’t acting admirably. He says leave him, you didn’t distinguish companions and foes, you must be with us now. Kalki hears them and says so Kesari has sent you, is she great, her father did this, what does she need.

Pappu says we were never your companion, Kesari guided us to come here, she realizes the agony to be without her father, she had longed for her father’s affection. Legal advisor asks will we go to police headquarters. Pappu says we will accompany you. Kesari returns home. Jagat asks where did you go. She says I went to meet my companions. Kesari feels sorry to learn.

Bhairav welcomes a legal counselor. Madhavi requests that the legal counselor spare Hanumant. Legal counselor says its my obligation to get equity for the guiltless, I can recognize the blameless, court hearing will start, I will attempt to educate the court regarding Hanumant’s decency, he can’t execute anybody, we need evidence. Kesari goes. Bhairav says legal counselor will get Hanumant liberated. Madhavi asks however her charges will be more. He says you don’t stress, Hanumant is my companion first.

Kesari goes to converse with legal counselor. She says I need to spare my father, I got an expectation yet I couldn’t do anything, my companion Jawahar knows everything, he has seen everything except for he isn’t letting me know. Legal advisor says don’t stress, we will proceed to ask him, possibly he is frightened. They go to Jawahar’s home. Jyoti says Jawahar left, he pressed his garments and left. She goes. Kesari stresses.

Precap: Kesari asks Kalki for what good reason did she come. Kalki says your father didn’t slaughter my father, I need the genuine killer to get captured. Kesari says Jawahar has seen genuine killer. Zoravar says bye Kesari. A bomb is fixed to the vehicle.


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