Kesari Nandan 20th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Zoravar announcing i will wreck Hanumant. He vents out his frustration and sits speak to Jagat. Kesari puts the sacks on the tractor. She says Jagat and I’m able to go back home soon, how would be mum now. Zoravar smiles seeing the fire. Kesari sees the hearth and thinks perhaps Jagat is burning the reduce down harvest.

Zoravar says now the entire own family will handle this strain. Kesari sees the fire. She runs to peer. She calls out Jagat. She runs and asks where are you. She gets shocked seeing Jagat mendacity on the floor. She asks what happened, are you excellent. Jagat is inebriated. She sees the wine bottle. She asks are you inebriated. He says don’t tell dad. She says harvest is burning, come to senses, dad has to pay money to Aatmaram, stand up. He says i have an awful lot strain. Zoravar leaves and says now just Kesari is left, i will see how she wins the suit on my own, shout, do something, i’m able to see how you keep the harvest. Kesari sees the hearth spreading. She runs. Zoravar gets bowled over seeing Kala. Kala says I suppose this hearth is of your hatred and evil, you received’t alternate. Zoravar says you need to call me Hukum now.

Kala says I need my job lower back. Kesari thinks what to do, the way to save the sacks. Zoravar says you need to join arms with me, then you’ll get the process. Kala consents. They go away. Kesari attempts to open the water valve. She opens the valve and speedy fills water to blow off the hearth. She sees the fire accomplishing harvest. She receives a wood platform and runs over it to reach the harvest. She pulls the sacks. She takes all of the sacks. She drags the sacks to a safe place. Hanumant is on the hospital. Kesari masses the sacks in the tractor. Zoravar, Choti Maasa and Bijli come to look Madhavi. Hanumant cries for Madhavi. Choti Maasa asks him no longer to fear. Zoravar thinks i will smash you, when you get the information of harvest burning, you may get greatly surprised. Kesari thinks what to do, I don’t recognise riding a tractor.

She starts the tractor. the medical doctor comes. Hanumant asks how is my spouse. health practitioner says she is powerful such as you, her hand has no risk now. Hanumant gets relieved. health practitioner says she will be able to get conscious in a few hours. Hanumant thanks him. Kesari begins the tractor. She thinks a way to stop this now. She hits a tree and falls down. Hanumant calls Bhura and says I need to recognise about Jagat. Choti Maasa asks him to visit fields and tell youngsters that Madhavi is nice now. Zoravar and Bijli say we are right here to take care of Madhavi. Hanumant says quality, name me if you need to assist. He is going. Zoravar says you may be getting massive shock within the area. Kesari runs to shop Jagat. She throws water at him. She asks him to rise up. She asks him to look at what befell inside the fields. Jagat receives greatly surprised seeing the hearth. He asks how did this occur.

Precap:- Kesari says dad has achieved loads for your training, what will dad do now. Hanumant comes. Jagat hugs Kesari.

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