Kesari Nandan 21st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

Kesari scolding Jagat for consuming wine. She asks what is going to dad do understanding this, how did you break dad’s notion. She cries and says dad has all his hopes on you. Jagat says I’m able to tell dad that this occurred due to me. She asks will you ruin his heart, who has fed this to you. He remembers Zoravar. He says don’t recognise, I don’t keep in mind. He hugs her and asks her now not to cry. Hanumant comes there and gets greatly surprised seeing the fireplace. Kesari says we are able to control this together. Hanumant asks Jagat what’s all this. Jagat says I fainted down. Hanumant says I gave an obligation to you both, why didn’t you stop the fire. He angrily slaps Kesari. Kesari falls down. Madhavi gets conscious and says Kesari.

Hanumant scolds Kesari. He calls her a curse on his lifestyles. Madhavi says Kesari… Hanumant says the whole lot for ruined, what’s going to I tell Aatmaram. Kesari says I had saved some grains. He asks what did you are saying, inform me. She signs Jagat to inform something. She thinks perhaps Jagat is scared of dad like i get scared. Hanumant asks her to say, Jagat received’t help her these days. He says Jagat doesn’t lie, he’s actual, he stated he had fainted, what reason did you assert, come with me, inform me what shall I do of this of those ashes, you have ruined me, I comprehend which you are completely useless. Kesari receives bowled over. Hanumant goes. Jagat is going after him. Kesari cries. Its morning, Madhavi is at domestic. She waits for children. Hanumant and Jagat come domestically. They see Madhavi. Hanumant says you have been in the health centre. Choti Maasa says she is excellent now. Madhavi asks in which is Kesari.

Kesari comes. Hanumant asks Kesari to tell them what she has accomplished. He says more than half of my harvest was given burnt because of her, she is massive trouble for us. Kesari worries and signs and symptoms no. Madhavi asks what is Hanumant pronouncing, how did the harvest burn. Zoravar and Bijli come home and do a drama. Zoravar asks is all the harvest burnt. the man says sure, it was given store, we’ve 1/2 the harvest. Hanumant asks him to move. He says what’s the use now, half of the harvest got burnt, godown is likewise ruined. Zoravar says you are right, this loss can’t be included, you have to pay to Aatmaram also. Aatmaram comes to acquire cash. Zoravar does a drama again. He asks Aatmaram to come after 2 days.

Hanumant asks Aatmaram to go away, he will get his money. Aatmaram asks him to give him the residence and land. He says you may be loosed from this problem. Hanumant asks him to go, at some point remains left. Aatmaram name callings him approximately Kesari bringing back success for them.

Precap:- Aatmaram says your property and grounds will burn because of this female. Hanumant hurts him and asks him to get out. He asks all people to hold Kesari far from him.


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