Kesari Nandan 22nd March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Hanumant coming home. Madhavi asks what happened, did you get the process, i can make prasad and deliver the best information to anybody. He stops her and asks why are you so glad. Pappu comes late to the class. teacher punishes him. Pappu sees Kesari and asks what’s this. instructor says she is a woman, can’t you see. Pappu says I gained’t stand beside a girl. Kesari says its me, Pappu. instructor asks Kesari to go and take a seat. Madhavi consoles Hanumant that everybody’s time adjustments. Kesari comes home. She says I needed to sit on bricks nowadays, boys didn’t let me sit on the bench, even teacher didn’t like me, the whole lot occurs for its own good, perhaps this additionally had something exact in it. Madhavi asks her to take a cushion alongside.

Kesari says i can take care of it. She sits talking to Madhavi. She tells what all she has learnt. Hanumant hears them. Jagat praises Kesari. Kesari and Madhavi pass. Jagat tells Hanumant that Kesari by no means loses, Kesari is best in wrestling and additionally in research, we are able to get back the whole lot, Kesari can win back our lost pleasure. Hanumant asks are you finished, listen to me now, women are meant to go to other residence, we have constant her alliance, your responsibility is to win satisfaction for our house, you have to put together yourself and win nationals, I got a job, the whole thing gets satisfactory now, we are able to cross closer to a brand new begin together. Kesari hurries up to get prepared and move to highschool.

A man comes domestic and gives uniform for Hanumant. Kesari asks who’re you. the person says i have come from bank. She is going in. Hanumant takes the packet from her. She asks what’s this. He says its none of your business. He is going. Kesari asks Madhavi about it. Madhavi asks her to move to school. Kesari comes to school. the boys chuckle. Jawahar says I informed you it will likely be hard for you. Kesari says i can sit down in this bench earlier than faculty ends nowadays. Jawahar says high-quality, shall we see. She touches his feet. He receives shocked. She says you forgot, however I remember. Pappu says you reminded me of your vintage friend. Kesari says you didn’t become aware of me. trainer comes. Kesari sits at the ground. instructor asks why are you sitting right here. Kesari asks wherein will I sit, tell me. instructor punishes her for arguing with him. Jawahar smiles. At PT elegance, Kesari comes to exercise and argues with PT Sir.

Jawahar says this female continually argues with teachers. She receives punished. within the lecture room, she stands earlier and says i will get punished, I recognize. trainer asks her to stand over the bench. Jawahar receives irritated. Pappu says fantastic, you did what you said, she reached the bench before school ends. Pappu asks her call. She says Kesari. He says you are smarter than boys, you reminded me of my buddy Kesari Nandan. Kesari says i was that boy, Kesari Nandan. Pappu smiles. She says I came to highschool as a boy. He asks are you still my friend. She says sure. He says I m very glad that you came back, these types of boys are misbehaving. She says they won’t like you in case you are with me. He says one genuine friend is higher than hundred fake buddies. She says first-class, we will meet day after today. Jawahar stops her. He tells her about Hanumant’s process on the bank. She says I don’t want to come back. He insists and takes her to the bank. She receives stunned seeing Hanumant operating as financial institution security guard. He says your dad seems precise.

Precap Upcoming Kesari Nandan episode update: Jawahar goes to insult Hanumant. Kesari looks on and feels awful.


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