Kiran Kumar Test Positive For Coronavirus and Quarantine Himself For The 10 Days

Bollywood actor Kiran Kumar has also been hit by the corona virus. It is being told that he did not have many symptoms of corona virus and even after test positive for corona virus, he has decided to stay home. He has been self-quarantined in the house for nearly 10 days after being diagnosed with Kovid-19 infection. Earlier in the film industry, some celebs have been hit by the corona virus.

According to reports, he went to the hospital for a medical checkup and there he decided to get himself tested for Kovid-19. After that it was found to be test positive. According to the Times of India news, the actor has stated that he had no symptoms of corona virus and now his next test is due on 25 May. He is completely fine now. At the same time, Viral Bhayani has also given information about Kiran Kumar’s corona virus test positive on his Instagram account.

He says that he is fine and he has not yet felt any symptoms of corona virus. The actor has worked in many films and TV serials. Kiran Kumar has appeared in many films like Tezaab, Khuda Witness, Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya, Mujhse Dosti Karoga. Apart from this, he has also appeared in many TV serials.

Kiran Kumar is not such celebs in Bollywood, who has been found positive. Earlier Kanika Kapoor, Purab Kohli, Joa Morani and family have also been affected by this and the special thing is that they have also defeated it. Among them, Kanika Kapoor had fought a long battle and after getting 6 test positives, her Kovid-19 test came negative.

Kiran Kumar has also fallen victim to Coronavirus (Covid 19). Let me tell you, this dangerous infection is continuously increasing in India. Earlier, Coronavirus was spread in Bollywood in the family of singer Kanika Kapoor and producer Karim Morani. Now this transition has happened to actor Kiran Kumar. The actor revealed this in an interview. Let us tell, the fourth phase of lockdown is going on in the country to prevent the corona from spreading. However, people have been exempted at this stage with some precautions.

Actor Kiran Kumar Interveiw told in an interview to ABP News that he came to know on May 14 that he was infected with Corona. The actor said, “I was to be given a small medical treatment in a hospital in Mumbai, for which many types of tests were taken for me. Under this my Kovid-19 test was also taken and on 14 May I got this Revealed that I am Corona positive. “

Kiran Kumar further stated in the interview, “I had no symptoms of coronavirus – no cold, no cough, no fever, nor any kind of pain. I had no symptoms. Due to this, I did not have to be hospitalized and at the moment I am living comfortably in my own two-storey house in self-isolation. ” Let me tell you, cases of coronavirus are increasing rapidly in countries around the world as well as in India. The total figure of Corona (Covid-19) infected in the country has crossed 1.31 lakh. According to the data released by the Health Ministry on Sunday, the total number of coronavirus patients in India has increased to 1,31,868 and while 3867 people have died due to this virus so far.

Actor Kiran Kumar has been found to be Corona virus positive. Kiran, 74, recently got her medical test done, in which her report came back positive. After the report, she is currently kept in home quarantine.

In a statement to PTI, the actor said- ‘I was fine and I didn’t have any symptoms. On 14 May, went to the hospital for medical checkup. Where Covid-19 test was necessary. So I also got myself tested and the result came positive .. But I did not have any symptoms of corona at that time and neither are now. There is no fever, no cold. I’m fine and I’ve quarantined myself home.

‘The medical test was done 10 days ago and so far no symptoms have been seen. My family lives in the second floor and at the moment I am living on the third floor. I will have my second test on 26 or 27 May. Well, I am healthy now.

Before Kiran Kumar, other Bollywood celebs have also been found to be Corona positive. The first name in this is that of Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor. After him, producer Karim Morani, both his daughters Shaja and Joa Morani were found to be Corona positive. Due to treatment and precautions at the right time, all three were soon back home from the hospital.

Kiran Kumar is a known name of Bollywood. He started his film career in the 60s. Love in Simla was his first film. After this, the criminal, Mr. Romeo, Rais, Kulvadhu, the merchant of death, the law of nature, the murderer, the Ganges in your country, the black market, the friend, the stone flower, the blood debt, the henna, the godly witness, Bol Radha Bol, this is it Jalwa, because I do not lie, have worked in many films including Dhadak, Marry Me Won, Bobby Jasoos, Akashwani. At the same time, Kiran has a great name on the small screen.

Well-known actor of Bollywood and TV industry, Kiran Kumar has become a victim of Corona virus infection. This information was given by the actor himself. After which he has kept himself in his house by Corentin for the last 10 days. His next Kovid-19 Test will be held on 25 May.

According to news agency PTI, Kiran Kumar says that he did not see any symptoms of this disease. He was absolutely right. They have told that they had no cough, fever, difficulty in breathing or any other symptoms. But when he got the test done in the hospital, he came to the test corona positive. He is currently quarantine in his home. Now they will need a checkup again in the coming Monday or Tuesday.

He further said, ‘Well I have quarantined myself at home. There are two floors in my house, so thankfully there is no problem of the place. My wife and children live on the first floor and I have isolated myself on the top floor. I will get the test done again on 25 or 26 May.

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Earlier, Bollywood actor Satyajit Dubey’s mother fell victim to the Corona virus. The information was shared by the actor himself on social media. The information was shared by the actor himself on social media. The actor had said in a post on his Instagram, that his mother has been found corona positive. He says that for the past few days, my mother, sister and me have proved to be a little difficult. For a few days my mother was not feeling well. He had a migraine, high fever and was also feeling body pain. We got her corona test done and she was found positive. He is placed in the isolation ward of Nanavati Hospital. I hope she comes out stronger. Me and my sister have no symptoms.


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