Famous Kishore Kumar still rules the hearts of fans for his versatility in the Bollywood film industry. Kishore Kumar was not only an actor but also an outstanding singer, music composer, writer, producer and director. Today is the birthday of Kishore Kumar, a man of such talent. He was born on August 4, 1929 in the city of Khandwa. The whole world, which is known by the name of Kishore Kumar, was in fact, his real name was Abhas Kumar Ganguly. There are many stories related to Kishore Kumar in the industry even today. On this special day of his, we are going to tell you many interesting things related to Kishore Kumar’s life. So let’s know …

Kishore Kumar was born in a middle-class Bengali family to advocate Key Lal Ganguly. He had a tendency towards music since childhood. He was always influenced by the songs of legendary actor and singer KL Sehgal and wanted to be a singer like him. Kishore Kumar arrived in Mumbai at the age of 18, wanting to meet Sehgal. But his wish could not be fulfilled. But at that time his elder brother Ashok Kumar had made his mark as an actor. Let me tell you that Kishore Kumar first got the opportunity to sing ‘die ki duaay kyaan maangu …’ for actor Devanand in the same manner as Sehgal in the Bombay Talkies film ‘Jiddi’ in the year 1948.

Kishore Kumar was a willing man. Nobody knew when to do what he did. Once his songs were banned for nearly two years. In fact, during the Emergency imposed in the country in 1975, he got an invitation to sing at a cultural event in Delhi. When Kishore asked for a fee, his singing on Akashvani and Doordarshan was banned.

Another thing about Kishore Kumar has been quite popular, that he did not like being part of any party. Once in an interview when the reporter asked him that you do not go to any party and stay alone at home. To this he said that I am not alone at all. I talk to tree plants at my house. Even I have named them.

Let’s say that on October 13, 1987, Kishore Kumar left all of us and left this world. He died in Mumbai. Kishore Kumar is still present around us through songs sung in his melodious voice.


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