Masami Hanako
That positiveness is attractive!

Kis-My-Ft2 of Hiromitsu Kitayama is 15 days, movies that were made in Tokyo ” Tora-san – Wake – I became a cat on stage on the first day stage greeting”, Mikako Tabe from the “profusely positive”, the personality I was admired. On this day, Hiroshi Hirasawa , Kanematsu (cat), Coach Masaya Masa visited.

Itavastatin everyone to live-action the comic, cartoonist of Suzu Takahata man who died suddenly in a car accident (Kitayama) is, to return to this world in the shape of a cat, and daughter (Pyeongtaek) and will Yarinaoso a life for his wife (multi-part) This work which draws son. The appearance of Kitayama which wraps in “cat suits” and becomes a tiger cat is talked about.

Kitayama, who plays the first appearance in the movie, said, “It’s the first day we wait for the wait, I am happy to see you finally,” a smile. “Although it may be just a mouth, when I report that Hiromi says (to tell me),” Hey! Say! JUMP’s bush (Hirota) “Let’s go to see together” I was invited. ” Then, when asking the audience “I might meet somewhere,” the question is “Which movie theater are you going to see at which movie theaters?” When we received further pursuits from the multi-department who thought of encountering fans, Kitayama conveyed the rough place “Tokyo is right!” And invited the venue to laugh.

Many parts asked for such personality of Kitayama said, “It is a wonderful person who raised the most in the field and I think that it is a personality to make a fun air without having anyone tingling,” praise. In addition, while keeping his eyes full with “being easy-going and unbelievable”, “I will not be bothered by tinkering pretty well.When I do it in various ways, I will become” again and again “so it’s amazing (with the staff) I was talking. ”

In addition, it seems that the fashion check was done every time at the shooting site, and when I heard that “many, this is Sushi man’s clothes?”, I introduced that it was a private clothing in Kitayama, “I always mysterious …… nice secret clothing I was wearing it “, also this day” messing “. Kitayama reveals that such “messing” as “I thought it was a joke.” “It’s okay, because it’s a bad husband, it’s just as good as being hidden in the buttocks.” Showing a generous heart It was.

The movie “Tiger – I wanted to be a cat” was released nationwide


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