Koichi Yamadera City Hunter I am deeply impressed by a big actor

Actor Yamadera Koichi told the greetings of the animation movie ” Theater version of City Hunter Shinjuku Private Eyes ” on the 9th, in the opening memorial setting greeting and said that he was eager to participate in the same work . On this day, Mr. Iitomi Marie , Kamiya Akira , Ikura Kazue , Toda Keiko , Hojo Tsuji (original work) and Kodama Kenji also visited.

This work that depicts the success of “City Hunter” Fighting Sayaka Ryo (Funny Pictures “Funabashi”), which fights against evils that are not judged by the law on stage in Shinjuku. Also the collaboration which is also the first in history with Hojo’s original animation “CAT’S EYE” has become a hot topic.

Yamadera is the enemy of Ryo and is in charge of the IT company manager and Shoji Miko, childhood friend of incense. Yamadera said that he was participating in a variety of roles with the name “program regular” on the TV animated version when he debuted about 2 years ago, “A man who was most affected by TV series and a man raised by city hunter I am glad to be on the stage like this. ”

“I read that it will be animated for the first time with an article on the net”, “I wonder if the story will come to me, I wonder if I will come to a tea-style forest (also a voice actor)” Exhaustion that it was. “I can do a role to be done by Mr. Ryo and I want to leave because I can do anything with the sound of Drone,” I confessed.

I was deeply impressed to have “a terrible hard role” in such a situation. Besides, “Even if you look at me it is a legend (only a voice actor), and even Keiko Toda I always have a dog (role of cheese) beside Toda-san (as an ampaman in” Anpanman “)” And exploited the happiness promoted to humans, “It was a pressure, but it was a pleasure,” looking back on the time of dubbing.

Theater version City Hunter Shinjuku Private Eyes just released on the 8th
“Theater version City Hunter just released on the 8th

For such a mountain temple, Kamiya said “We are calling” tea wind forest, Mr. Yoshitada Otsuka, Takumi Yamazaki, Mr. Yamazaki (Yamadera) “Of course, we are” meritorious person. “I talked behind the casting and said,” I am also impressed. ”

And I’m glad if ((City Hunter) will come back sometimes like Lupine the 3rd, so I would like to receive everyone’s further assistance for that, “he invited a number of fans gathered, A magnificent applause that responded to the words was echoing in the venue. (Interview: Nishiki Reina)


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