Kotobayashi Ryota
Kotobayashi Ryota

Kotobayashi Ryota attended a press conference on completion of the movie ” PRINCE OF LEGEND ” held at the Yokohama Arena on 14th and talked about the admiration for beard’s attitude.

This work is a movie version of “Prince Battle Project”, the production team of the movie “HiGH & LOW” series reunited. Prince Celebrity, Prince Yankee, Prince Student Council President Prince Characteristic Prince competes with “Top of the Prince” seat. On this day, in addition to Kotobayashi, Ibijima Hiroki, Shionano Eiku, Suzuki Nobuyuki, Kawamura Ichima, Sano Rei, Sekiguchi Mendy, Yoshino Kitan, Fujiwara Temple, Hasegawa Shin, Machida Keita, Kiyohara Sho, Endo Fumiya, Kodama Rich, Kato Ryo, Yamato Kouta also attended.

This work whose acting actors are like various prince. At the press conference, the performers talked about the prince who I thought was nice in the play. Koyo who played Prince Celebru cried the beautician’s prince Kiyohara who is a point, “I envy because I think that I will not be like that even if I grow a beard, someday I will reach that cheapness” Confessed longing for the beard.

In addition, Suzuki who played Prince Yankee’s elder broke out the name of Kazuyoshi and said, “I thought that the prince feeling can only be released in Kotobaya-kun, so I’m glad if I am held in Katayama-kun,” I commented with plenty of comments. From the bias next door, “What are you saying! At the public place please calm down” had been struck with a smile.

In the question-and-answer after that, the question is also about the type of prince who resembles himself in the play. Koyo is analyzed as “I was a president of the Student Council because I was a vice chairman of the Student Council during my junior high school days, but I think that it is the Student Council Prince.”

Suzuki subsequently said, “I played while playing pretty well, because I was pretty close to my role (Prince Yankee),” says Suzushu Koyoshi saying “It was OK that it was a Yankee in the past Are you sure? ” Suzuki, on the other hand, said, “It’s a mild soft feeling, maybe I should say it is a mild Yankee, maybe that kind of feeling might have existed,” he answered in an unexpected way.


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