Kousalya Krishnamurthy Full Movie Leaked Online In HD Quality For Free Download By Piracy Website Tamilrockers 2019

Kousalya Krishnamurthy Telugu Full Movie Leaked Online To Download By Tamilrockers 2019

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Kousalya Krishnamurthy Movie Reviews & Ratings

As a sporting backdrop, films that have become a backdrop of peasant hardship have recently gained popularity across the country. Recently Maharishi, Jersey and Majili films have been a hit in Telugu. This is Kausalya Krishnamurthy, a film made with peasant issues and cricket elements. The film’s trailers and teasers, with the title of ‘Acha Tenagu’, have generated some interest. The film stars Aishwarya Rajesh, Rajendra Prasad and Tamil actor Sivakarthikeyan in the lead roles. Kausalya Krishnamurti has come to terms with these two issues in the main debate in the country.

Story Of Kousalya Krishnamurthy Movie Based On:-

Farmer Krishnamurthy (Rajendra Prasad), a farmer in a remote area of ​​Andhra Pradesh, is a favorite of cricket and Indian team. On arrival at the harvest, misfortune is chased and Peelakoluth is in debt. It is under such circumstances that Krishnamurthy’s daughter Kausalya (Aishwarya Rajesh) is moved to become a cricketer. As a girl in the countryside, it is difficult to learn and play cricket.

What problems did Krishnamurthy have with the farmer who was in debt? How did he achieve his daughter’s dream of becoming a cricketer? Kaushalya Krishnamurti has faced some bitter experiences as a young woman who wants to be a cricketer. What is the role of cricket coach Nelson (Shiva Karthikeyan)? Kaushalya Krishnamurthy’s film is the answer to questions about how Shiva has come to coach the Indian women’s team as a coach.

First Harf Analysis:-

Screenplay is a highlight of the film, which is a wonderful story about the peasant problem and the story of the young woman who faced cricketer. Each scene in the story misses the emotional point, but the scenes that are written are thought-provoking and introspective. Emotional scenes, along with the underlying woven sense of humor, have become the subject of filmgoods. The Establishment of Characters in FAST is a highlight in FAST, as the story is run from an angle. Ranarangam Full Movie Download

Second Harf Analysis:-

In the second part of the story, there is emotion in the story. In particular, scenes involving Jhansi’s character can make the audience emotional. The farmer’s troubles in the second half can be seen on the screen. The role of a young woman torn apart by family issues and sports problems. With the entry of Siva Karthikeyan, the film goes to another level. Dialogues about peasants at the climax make every viewer think.

Director Bheemini Srinivasarao is the name of the remake of the films. With his experience, Kaushalya Krishnamurti has succeeded in making all sections look impressive. His remarkable talents mirrored the way the story and the narrative flowed. Khayamene seems to be making a comeback with the film, which Bhimani, who seemed to miss the track for the past few years. He also showed great maturity as an actor. Kausalya Krishnamurthy was made into a fieldgood movie, one hundred percent justice.

Watch or not? Kousalya Krishnamurthy Telugu Movie:-

As a young heroine, Aishwarya Rajesh Kausalya plays an impressive role in the Tamil and Telugu fields with diverse roles. Glamor as a young woman in the country is appreciated by the characters. The emotional scenes showed excellent performance. Immersed in the role of a real cricketer. An experienced actress appeared in key scenes. Dialogues about late farmers, the gestures shown are eye-catching.

Kaushalya Krishnamurthy will be making a comeback since Siva’s entry into the role of Karthikeyan coach. Until then, he succeeds in adding more energy to the story of Fieldgood. Sivakarthikeyan Body Language seemed to be superb. Most of all .. The way the balance of intensity in the character is appreciated. The intensity of Nelson’s character is good on the screen. There is no doubt that Siva Karthikeyan is getting closer to Telugu audiences with this film.

Another special addition to the film is the roles of Rajendra Prasad and Jhansi. Once again, they have elegantly elevated their roles to span their experience. Rajendra Prasad has been impressed with his role as a father and farmer. Jhansi, who played his wife again, once again hung up. After Mallesham, she again came to life as a normal woman. Other characters such as SeaVL and Vennela Kishore are supporting the rest of the cast.

Performance of cinematography and other technical disciplines When it comes to technical aspects .. how beautiful the countryside is … Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao showed his editing talent in giving the feeling of watching cricket scenes live. The world does not listen to those who say they will win. Hanuman Chowdhury’s good dialogues can be said that the world is listening to the words of the winners.

Dibu Ninan’s music is another positive point for this story which has many emotional elements. Rerecording is lively. The background score for many scenes came to life. The songs written by Ramajogayyastri, Krishna Kant (KK), Kasarla Shyam and Rambabu Gosala have been released. Abhuruchi has the makings of a film worthy of a producer. Definitely another good image on the Creative Commercial Banner account.

Kousalya Krishnamurthy Telugu Movie Final Verdict:-

Kausalya Krishnamurthy is a film that has no shortage of commercial elements. Farmer and sportsmanship jesse film, but it is another good film that inspires women empowerment. The strength of the film is the talent of the actors. This movie is sure to appeal to audiences who love movies like Chak De India. Bee and Sea Center’s commercial success is a huge success.

Rating Of Kousalya Krishnamurthy Movie 5/4 Tellyupdates.Me


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