Krishna Chali London 11th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Krishna Chali 11 Apr episode begins with Veer losing his cool on Shukla. Sunaina reassures him and requests that he quiet down. Laliya and Gajju come to meet Krishna in prison.

Shukla additionally comes there. He ridicules at Veer and Krishna. Veer counters Shukla and condemnations him for exploiting Radhey’s demise.

Veer states that he will uncover the Radhey’s killer soon alongside the individual who has caught Krishna.

Veer battles to bring Krishna out from prison. Chutki calls Sunaina to ask about Krishna.

Sunaina gets irate on her for inquisitive just about Krishna. She expresses that nobody is worried about Veer.

Krishna’s bua comes to Shukla house. She hits Bade Shukla with a stick.

Bua curses Bade Shukla by saying that he will kick the bucket a sad passing.

Veer chooses to begin an examination in London through his sources. Sunaina catches this and says that she will never give this a chance to occur.

Veer reviews his past occurrences to fathom the riddle. He takes assistance from his companion in London concerning Radhey’s demise.

Sunaina comes to Krishna and condemnations her for making Veer’s life troublesome. She says she is an awful sign for Veer.

Sunaina sincerely extorts Krishna to influence her to acknowledge the validity of the admission letter.

Precap Upcoming Krishna Chali episode update: Veer finds out about Radhey’s mishap.


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