Krishna Chali London 12th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Krishna Chali 12 Mar episode begins with Laliya doubting Shivani. She feels that Shivani is fooling Veer. Krishna says she doesn’t need to intervene in Veer’s existence.

Krishna inquires Shivani about her wellbeing. Shivani responds that she is satisfactory. Laliya asks Krishna why she didn’t inform Veer whatever.

Krishna states that she doesn’t need to get into any count concerning Veer’s lifestyles. Laliya prays to God to sort out the differences between Veer and Krishna.

Shivani watches Veer observing Krishna. The organizer advises all of the people to % their stuff as it’s miles the ultimate day of the camp.

Laliya comes to Veer and gives him snacks. She advises Veer to keep trying until Krishna forgives her. She questions Veer if he has emotions for Krishna.

The climate worsens. Shukla gets tensed about Laliya and Gajanan.

Bela instigates Shuklain towards Veer and Krishna.

Shukla decides to visit the camp and test Gajanan’s health.

Krishna and Gajanan conflict to keep the tents in the camp intact. Veer comes there. Krishna and Veer percentage glances.

Veer facilitates Krishna from getting harm. in the morning, Krishna gets tensed on locating Laliya missing from the camp.

Later, Laliya and Veer come there protective the youngsters from the poor climate. A girl comes to Veer and begs him to discover his son.

Veer and Krishna locate the boy. The boy refuses to come down the tree. Veer climbs up the tree and brings the boy down.

Veer and Krishna stare at every other.

Precap Upcoming Krishna Chali episode update: Shukla receives stuck within the hearth. Veer rescues him.


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