Krishna Chali London 13th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Krishna coming to speak to Shukla. He says I additionally want to talk to you. He suggests her the newspaper. He says top notch, it turned into our dream and health facility is strolling properly, if you come to be staying late, then tell us, we get concerned for you. She nods. He says take this paper with you day after today and show it to Veer. She asks is this all you desired to speak. He asks why, do you want to speak something else. She receives Veer’s call. He says I were given to understand, Veer wants to go to London, minister had known as me. She says yes, I think he had to leave the entirety and come right here due to me, my dad stated I need to go along with him, I desired to ask you. He gets angry and says you need to move, you have to do some thing first. He receives her out and beats the plate to call every person. He adds poison in the food and says we will devour it and go to heaven. He scolds them and asks them to take a seat. He says

Krishna can visit London after we all die right here. Krishna says you ought to have not instructed them if you desired to kill them, now none will devour poison, I m going to London for few days, no longer completely, its my duty to rectify with incorrect. Shukla says you have emerge as Dr. Veer’s lawyer now, remarkable. Krishna says maybe you’ll understand me, being a mum, if Radhe turned into right here, he might have accomplished this, i love him plenty, I understand he could have taken the same selection. Krishna says i can go along with Veer to London. Shukla catches her neck and warns her in anger. Bela smiles and says it seems normal now. Shukla says i will put an give up to you by feeding this poison. Shuklain asks how can we cross against Radhe’s desire.

Shukla throws the plate in anger and asks her to simply shut up. He scolds they all. He asks Krishna does she think he’s a idiot. He threatens of finishing ties together with her and displaying his wrath to her. He warns her. She receives sad and thinks of Radhe’s promise. She sees Radhe’s percent and says what shall I do, I realize I have to be helping Veer, but Shukla and circle of relatives are on other facet. She receives Veer’s name and thinks what to reply. He calls her once more. He receives angry while she doesn’t answer. Sunaina asks him to complete his food. Veer says I m going to Krishna’s residence to talk to her. Sunaina says you shouldn’t go along with this mood. Veer asks Nayani what occurred to her. Nayani says I want to talk to Shashank. Veer says Nayani won’t stay with Shashank, that’s it. Nayani signs no. Veer says you’ll include me to London and marry a decent man. She says i can’t divorce Shashank, i really like him. Veer says I m now not asking you, my choice is final, we gained’t speak about this. He goes.

Sunaina says i can speak to Veer and give an explanation for him, don’t you fear. Veer messages Krishna to ask her. She sorts a message. She apologizes to him for the entirety. She discards the message. Veer calls her. Shukla sees her. Krishna says i will’t do this. She goes to sleep. Veer comes to satisfy Shukla. Shukla asks how did you return. Veer says I have to visit London, wherein is Krishna, she isn’t answering my calls. Shukla says I understand, why are you indignant, relax. Krishna comes. Shukla asks why didn’t you solution his call, we have already spoken approximately it. He is going. Veer asks Krishna once more. Krishna says Shukla refused to permit me to go to London. He says no longer this time, i’m able to’t allow this man ruin my lifestyles once more. She says Shukla has forbidden me to go to London, but i’ve decided to go together with you, when you consider that Radhe and i wanted this, i will satisfy Radhe’s wish. He asks are you sure. She says sure, shall we visit hospital. He says thanks, I m very happy and need to hug you, but it will look odd, we shall visit health center. Shukla receives newspaper and sees them going. Krishna sees Shukla.

Precap: Nayani says I m pregnant…. Krishna assessments the being pregnant test outcomes. Nayani asks her no longer to inform some thing to Veer.


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