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Krishna gets Mohan’s call. He undermines her. He says give me my cash, else none will get spared, the whole emergency clinic is in my grasp now. Shuklain and Gajanan see him. Shuklain asks Gajanan what’s going on. Gajanan looks on. She says they all have firearms, take Radhe aside and ask him what’s going on with he, he is guiltless. Gajanan says he isn’t our Radhe. She says no, he is Radhe. She asks Mohan for what good reason is he doing this, she won’t let anything transpire, who are these individuals. She says we will spare you, leave this firearm. Mohan slaps her. She tumbles down and gets stunned.

He admonishes her. She cries. Gajanan says how could you hurt her. Bilal makes him tumble down. Gajanan gets captured. Mohan says all of you are nitwits, Krishna and Veer said right that I m not Radhe, yet all of you disturbed me, did you see any dead man waking up, Radhe is dead, I m Mohan. They get stunned. Shuklain cries. Mohan says don’t approach me, I moved toward becoming Radhe for cash, Krishna will get cash, trust in this, else everybody here will kick the bucket.

Shuklain cries. Gajanan says he isn’t our Radhe, don’t weep for him. Krishna and everybody go to the emergency clinic and get some information about the circumstance. Examiner says there is much threat, you can’t go in. Krishna says they know superior to us. She demonstrates her ID and says I can enable, I to know every one of the courses. Gajanan says nothing will happen to Shukla. Krishna enables the police by disclosing the floor to delineate. Mohan says I m hanging tight for Krishna, who will come to battle me here. Overseer says we don’t have the foggiest idea what number of goons are inside, I wish somebody from that point let us know. Veer asks Sunaina to remain inside and not turn out. Sunaina stresses for him.

Veer readies a few syringes for the goons. He shrouds his face. Veer asks who are you, I was treating patients in OT. Goon asks who else is inside. He infuses them with syringes. Krishna calls Veer and says you know… He says I m inside the medical clinic with mum, Mohan kept everybody as prisoners, I came here for mum’s checkup, I have shrouded mum in OT and blacked out the goons with infusions, I harmed their telephones, they are 10-12 goons, I got every one of the patients with me, the left over individuals’ lives are in peril, I will attempt to swoon different goons. ACP says leave it on us, continue illuminating us about the circumstance.

Krishna says indeed, don’t go out on a limb. She finds Mohan’s call and solutions. Mohan gets some information about my cash, you may make a wrong stride in eagerness and I can execute a few people here, give me my cash and a sheltered approach out, I held Shuklain’s hand, I will murder her first. Gajanan blows up. Krishna says no… .. Shuklain cries. Mohan says I don’t have much time, we will begin killing them one by one if our interest isn’t satisfied. Veer sees more goons and takes the infusions. A goon hits him. Mohan focuses firearm at him and says disclose him not to do this and leave battles for me. Veer sees Sunaina. Mohan blows up on them. He says Sunaina was in OT and turned out for her child. Sunaina says sorry Veer, I was frightened. Mohan and goons snicker on her. Mohan says Veer has hit my four men, will we execute four individuals now. Krishna says no. Mohan requests that his goons slaughter four individuals. Gajanan says no. Veer says murder me, I have hit your men, stop, leave them. Mohan comes to Veer and shoots. Krishna yells Veer. Mohan grins.

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Precap: Mohan takes steps to execute Shukla. Krishna and Veer accompany the police. Mohan says you got police here. He expels Shukla’s breathing apparatus and flames at Veer.


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