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Shukla getting indignant and asking Triloki to do as he says. Nayani does her pregnancy test. Sunaina calls her out. Nayani receives concerned about seeing high-quality outcomes. Nayani says I m pregnant. Sunaina says submit guy has come, he was given your credit score card. Nayani comes out. Sunaina asks are you best. Nayani faints. Sunaina issues. Veer says clinic workforce is my team, I spend a complete day with them, get candies for them. He smiles seeing Krishna.

Sunaina receives Nayani there. Veer receives involved and runs to her. Nayani says I m great, I just felt dizzy. Veer says i will get your assessments finished, come. Nayani thinks now he will know the entirety. Krishna is going to her. Nayani offers her pregnancy kit. Krishna checks result. Nayani says don’t inform this to Veer, please. Veer says come, i’m able to do your checkup. Krishna says i’m able to get tests achieved. Veer says nice, its your responsibility now. He says i really like Nayani plenty. Krishna takes Nayani. She says being pregnant tests aren’t accurate usually, we should do more checks, Veer may be glad knowing this. Nayani says Veer desires to take me to London, he’ll question me to abort this toddler. Krishna says no, he’s your brother, you realize him properly, but he gained’t do this. Veer talks to Ajit. Krishna looks on. Nayani issues that Veer can see her reviews. Krishna involves her. She says i can write my name on it, after you talk to Veer, i can alternate the call. Krishna writes her call. Bela receives tea for Shukla. Dubey comes to satisfy Krishna. Bela says she is with Veer on the hospital. Dubey says i will meet her there. He leaves.

Bela provokes Shukla against Krishna. Shukla calls Triloki and asks the information. Triloki says I don’t understand, Veer is distributing candies here. Shukla asks him to discover. Krishna comes to Veer. He asks approximately Nayani. Krishna says she isn’t taking food well, so she got dizzy. Ajit says minister’s PA called, he wants a person’s demise certificates to be made. Veer says Krishna and i’m able to pay the visit. Krishna asks what, quality. Veer says Minister had told Shukla that I m going to London, i can do that desire earlier than I leave. Triloki says dad got me here because of morning. He goes to the washroom. Krishna and Veer leave. Krishna calls Lali. Bela answers. Krishna says I m going with Dr. Veer. She doesn’t get a network. Bela gets shocked. She shouts to everybody. She says its a disaster, come out, Shukla becomes a buffoon whilst Krishna defames the own family. She says Krishna has fled with Veer. They get stunned. Bela says she called and stated she goes with Veer.

Shukla recalls her words. Krishna says this street doesn’t reach anywhere. Veer says GPS isn’t connecting, the roads are really terrible. Krishna says I’ve proven you the course thrice, you didn’t concentrate, you relied on maps, the map isn’t loading, its a terrible day for you, you need to scold me, you are not getting dialogues. He says you watched i love to scold you. She says no, you’ve got a bad habit, shall we make a deal, you’ll now not manage in London without me, until we come lower back domestic, you gained’t scold me and speak to me properly, its difficult for you. He says you’re blackmailing me. She says I m Krishna Shukla, exceptional meeting you, would you attempt one. He says i can’t trust it, I m smiling on your silly expectancies. She says nice, its a horrific day for you. His vehicle breaks down. He says what a first-rate street, the car tyre were given flat.

Precap:- Veer and Krishna try to trade the auto tyre. Krishna says your telephone is ringing. He asks her to attend on the car. Krishna holds a child to assist a girl. The woman is going away. Krishna appears for her

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