Krishna Chali London 19th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

The Village guys arranging the woods for pyre. Krishna and Veer battle to free the ropes. They ask the woman to help them. Krishna coughs. Veer receives up, along with the chair tied to him. He is going toward Krishna and attempts to untie the ropes by his mouth. She coughs and says its choking me. He asks her not to move. She asks him to open the upper knot close to her neck first. He tries to open the knot. He asks do you agree with me. She says sure, you gained’t permit whatever happens to me. He attempts and opens the ropes by using his mouth. They get free. Krishna asks are you high-quality. He says sure, I must have understood your signal at the beginning. She says I informed you, you’ve got a terrible day. He says sure. She asks what shall we do now. He says if you have money, you may purchase anything, such is existence, pray that people right here are corrupt, else it will be tough to head from here.

He asks her to tell police if she receives community. She says there may be no community. He says to keep trying. He tries to place some cashout. He says see he has fallen into the lure, grasping human beings, observe the honesty of your country humans. He puts extra cash. The be aware comes back. She asks him to peer the honesty of her country. He places 500rs observe. The shield gets greedy. Veer says just to see, the door will open now. The guard opens the door to answer him. Krishna hits at the defender’s head. Veer says he turned into sincere, but foolish, see the common mind of your country. They hear the police siren. They see the woman sitting sadly. Veer says we are able to’t leave her right here. Krishna says you go to the police, i’m able to try to get her. He says no, i can’t leave you behind, if they come here, they will harm you. Inspector asks the person about Veer and Krishna.

Krishna asks the woman to return for the sake of her toddler woman. The female says this is a toddler lady, she has to die a few days. Krishna says I m also a lady, I m a district topper, I went to London with my husband’s guide, I turns into a health practitioner, show some braveness, times have adjustments, you may try to make your daughter’s destiny beautiful, I m saying the reality, I m additionally a daughter of this nation, as soon as we escape from right here, they couldn’t kill you. She asks the female to please come. the person says yes, they’d come, they said they are getting overdue and went. Inspector asks are you positive. the man says yes. Veer, Krishna and that lady see the police.

Goon stops them from going to the police. Police leaves. The girl hits the man with a stone. Krishna says police has left already, what shall we do now. Veer says we shall run and try and reach the police jeep. He asks Krishna are they prepared. Krishna and girl nod. He counts down and asks them to run. Veer sees Krishna stuck by the person. The men point the gun at them. the man says we caught you. He asks Veer to come out. Krishna asks Veer to start the automobile. She bites the person’s hand. Veer begins the car. She gets inside the vehicle. They drive off. the man shoots at the car. He additionally follows them in his jeep. Veer races. the man shoots at the car tyre. Veer stops the car and asks Krishna is the infant secure. Krishna says yes. They see goons coming. Veer gets thinking about what to do.

Precap:- Krishna prays to Mata Rani that a few miracles occurs. They see a marriage procession passing. They are part of the procession and disguise. Veer assaults a goon.

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