Krishna Chali London 21st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

Veer seeing Krishna. Chup Tum raho…plays… She eats a few snacks and offers him. She smiles. Shukla and Sunaina are at the police station. Sunaina cries for Veer and Krishna. Inspector says I m taking my crew now, the goons know the village and jungle properly, we’re in search of the assist from close by the police station to keep Veer and Krishna. Rajjo asks Sunaina not to worry when Veer has a wife like Krishna, he can be first-rate. They get stunned. Shukla says you are an idiot. Rajjo says they seemed like a pair. Sunaina says no, they aren’t married. Rajjo says in any case, Lord will protect them.

Krishna says I were given ordinary in your scolding now, I m now not scared of you. He says then I ought to do something. She asks are you terrified of something. He says no, properly definitely…

She says don’t conceal it, inform me, I promise you I received inform all of us. He says I fear needle. She says you suggest, injection. She laughs and says severely. He says its no longer humorous, okay, i used to be scared if I fail to go return to London, I don’t suppose i will live right here, it doesn’t experience like home, I don’t belong here, on the grounds that I lost my dad, however thanks for agreeing to come to London. He asks what are you fearful of. She says loneliness, every now and then when I appearance closer to the sky, I feel…

He says stars seem so close and still they are lonely. She asks how do you know, i was going to mention the same. He says I just realize, that’s it. He thanks her and says my foot isn’t aching much now, take some relaxation, its going to be morning, then we can discover the way, i can locate some food, there are many bushes, i can absolutely locate something. She nods. He is going to get some berries. He says Krishna may understand if we are able to consume this, she knows her country well, she isn’t frightened of me anymore. He collects some berries. Krishna wakes up a hearing sound. She appears round. She sees the goons coming. She tries to alert Veer. the man sees her and ambitions at her. He shoots her. Krishna receives shot. She falls down. Veer receives shocked hearing the sound and saw her shot. He shouts Krishna…..

He drops the berries and thinks of Krishna’s phrases. He runs to her. the person asks his goons to trap them. Veer sees her wound. She lies in pain. He holds her hand. He sees goons coming. She says please cross from here, I can’t take the blame on me over again, I don’t have a lot of time. He says I m nonetheless your boss, I provide orders, you are not a health practitioner, you can’t are expecting that you may die soon, I will not let something show up to you. He lifts her and takes her away. They cover.

The person looks for them. He sees them leaving. Gajanan says they’re nonetheless searching out Veer and Krishna, you could go domestic, I can let you know. the person comes and asks Gajanan wherein did Krishna go along with Veer. friends query Gajanan. Shukla looks on angrily. the man says I visited the hospital to get my wife treated, I got to understand this and got here right here to provide the assist. He receives taunting. Veer takes Krishna with him. She asks him to depart her and pass. He asks her to forestall it and stay with him. The goons follow. Police seem for them inside the village. Veer asks Krishna not to close eyes.

Precap:- The goons capture Veer and Krishna. the person says you couldn’t make my demise certificates, your certificate received to be made now. Veer stabs the person with a knife in defence. Krishna shouts


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