Krishna Chali London 22nd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

The Episode starts with Veer asking Krishna to stay with him and bear the pain until he eliminates the bullet from her waist, else it’s going to spread septic in her body. He thinks why are my palms shaking. He remembers scolding his scholar for having emotional relation with patient. He says this isn’t occurring, my palms can’t tremble, this woman is only a affected person, I haven’t any emotional connect to Krishna. She says you have finished this operation in many instances. He says its difficult, the bullet is caught near the kidney. She says your hand never shakes even as acting any operation. He says yes, it never shakes. He says you don’t have any perception that i’m able to survive.

He remembers her phrases and says the same to her. She says you are the God of scientific technology. He says you don’t have the permission

to die. He operates her and eliminates the bullet while she encourages him. She bears the ache. He says its throughout, you’re safe now, you will be alright. He gets rid of his shirt and ties it to her waist to prevent the bleeding. She screams in ache. Police appears for them. Veer cares for her. He goes away and cries seeing the bullet which injured her. She calls out Veer. He goes to her. He says it became simply an operation, how are you feeling now. She smiles. He says forestall smiling, else i can put the bullet back into the wound. She laughs. He says you will be k. She says you’re in trouble because of me. He says you informed me, I m having a horrific day.
The goons attain there and greet them morning. Veer gets bowled over. the man says you run very speedy, you must be worn-out, its first-rate, i will send you on a long adventure, I didn’t ask for a whole lot, you couldn’t make a loss of life certificates for my paintings, how did it depend when she might die, anyhow, you received’t actually have a certificates. He points gun at Veer. Veer stabs him. Krishna shouts Veer. the person falls down when the police shoots on his leg. the person receives arrested. Police takes all of the goons. Veer signs to Krishna. She smiles.

Bela promotes Divya Dhrishti show. The buddies gossip about Veer and Krishna. They laugh. Police receives Veer and Krishna to Shukla residence. The friends appearance on and taunt. They need to unfold the news in the locality. Krishna goes in. She falls down. Veer runs to keep her. He lifts Krishna to drop her in the house. Krishna appears at him. neighbors and Bela look on. associates make a video and move. Bela smiles. Krishna says put me down, i can go. Veer puts her down. She goes in. Veer comes home and receives sparkling. Sunaina asks where are you going. He says hospital, sufferers don’t know that I did Jagran all night time. She hugs him and cries.

He says I m pleasant. She asks him if he has some inner wound. He thinks of Krishna. He says I m quality. She asks approximately his wound. He says i was taking a bullet out of Krishna’s wound, she grabbed my hand tightly so… She asks how is Krishna, did you speak to her. He says no, i’m able to name her up, this is the problem with the humans of this u . s ., they don’t recognize ladies, if whatever occurs, ladies are centered first. The buddies Chaubey and Chaurasiya try and insult Shukla through posting Krishna and Veer’s pix.

Precap:- Krishna tells the whole thing about Shuklain. Shuklain says we don’t care. Lali receives greatly surprised seeing the horrific poster.


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