Krishna Chali London 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Bela saying I heard everything, you won’t go alone, I will call Triloki. Gajanan takes her telephone and solicits her to remain out from his issues. She goes to Shuklain and says I don’t think its right, Gajanan is leaving this evening for his companion’s work, there is something fishy. Shuklain considers. Krishna and Gajanan fly to London. Sarah presents Dr. Kishore who is treating Radhe. Kishore says Radhe is in injury, he had this wallet with him when he was conveyed to us. They get stunned seeing Radhe’s pic in the wallet. They review Radhe and go to see him. They see somebody. Gajanan says Radhe. Krishna says we realize he can’t be Radhe. Gajanan cries. Kishore says he isn’t Radhe. Specialist asks her not to say this seeing his face, his face was singed in the impact, we needed to do his numerous medical procedure. She says I will sign the papers. The person gets cognizant and says spare me, the vehicle will hit me. Kishore says he is in injury, he for the most part discusses mishap. The person gets up and embraces Krishna. Krishna gets stunned. Kishore checks Radhe. Krishna and Gajanan go out. Krishna says he isn’t Radhe, he is talking in English, we aren’t identified with him.

Triloki’s child asks him duplication and jokes on him when he can’t understand. Triloki reproves him. His child requests that Nandu take him to Shukla. Triloki requests that he sit back. He calls Gajanan and says where is he. Gajanan says think regarding it Krishna. She says possibly, he also had a mishap, he can’t be Radhe. Kishore says I gave him drugs, you would now be able to proceed to converse with him. Krishna meets the person. He says I m… . She says you are Radhe. He says ya, I m Radhe, the medical caretaker calls me Radhe. She asks who are you, you aren’t Radhe. He says I don’t have a clue. Gajanan requests that Krishna converse with him in hindi. She takes the wallet and shows to the person. She asks how could you get it. He says its mine. She says it has a place with Radhe, did you take it. He says its mine, I would prefer not to converse with you. Gajanan cries and requests that he converse with him once. He says I m your sibling Gajanan, converse with me. The person yells for help. He says abandon me. Krishna says he isn’t Radhe and stops Gajanan.

Shuklain goes to Radhe’s room and cries seeing his pic. Lali says everything is prepared for Radhe’s birthday, hear the menu once. Shuklain says I feel eager, Radhe used to appreciate a ton on his birthday, similar to it was his national celebration, he has abandoned us, he went to help Krishna in finishing his investigations, I wish he returns home soon. Kishore says possibly Radhe is in injury. Krishna says he isn’t Radhe, enough, he is only an Indian, who has lost his memory, I don’t have the foggiest idea how he got Radhe’s wallet, possibly he has stolen it. She goes. Gajanan says he can’t be Radhe, as he is talking in english, they trust he is Radhe, he halted when I called him, its his birthday tomorrow. She says I had brought you here as you are reasonable, you are carrying on like Shukla and Bela, we had seen Radhe bite the dust directly before us, I have proceeded onward with trouble, I may sound egotistical, yet I would prefer not to get in these feelings, lets complete a DNA test and end this issue, we need to return to India, that is it.

Precap Upcoming Krishna Chali London Episode Update: Krishna checks the DNA and says its unrealistic, 85% match. Gajanan says he is my Radhe.


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