Krishna Chali London 25th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Sunaina announcing you scold Krishna lots. Veer says yes, because she does silly things, i would were so lonely if she wasn’t there with me. He leaves for health facility. Krishna receives Veer’s name. Bela says he is still calling you. Krishna is hurt and cries. Lali says as soon as Gajanan gets the drug treatments, i can do the useful resource.

Bela says Krishna got hurt and Veer removed this garments, see his shirt. Krishna say we went to a village, human beings attacked us. Shukla and Shuklain scold her and ask her to consider their own family respect. Krishna says you’re overreacting. He asks her now not to expose mind-set to them. Krishna says I had known as, perhaps Bela spoke back the decision. Bela says sure, I told them what you told me. Shukla asks how plenty will you provide an explanation for. Lali gets the reasonably-priced poster of Veer and Krisha. She gets stunned. Ajit sees the poster and receives bowled over. Veer involves clinic. He says Krishna isn’t answering. He calls out Ajit. He goes to Ajit. He asks did Krishna come or no longer. He doesn’t see the poster.

Ajit asks him to observe it. Veer gets greatly surprised seeing the cheap poster with Krishna and his percent proven in incorrect manner. He sees anyone staring and asks do all of us have a trouble right here. Ajit says these posters are everywhere n the town. Veer receives stunned. Bela runs and receives the poster. She does a drama and suggests poster to every body. all of them get greatly surprised. Bela says Bela has maligned our honor. Veer sees the video and issues for Krishna. Shukla receives irritated on Krishna. Chobey, Chaurasiya and those come to Shukla residence to name Krishna shameless. Shukla asks them to get out. He faces their name callings. The guys insult Krishna. Shukla scolds them. The girl scolds Shuklain additionally. She scoffs Krishna for being characterless and having an affair with Veer.

Shukla says you’re doing incorrect. The humans argue and take Krishna out. Veer calls Krishna. the call receives answered. Veer hears the sound and worried. Ajit says Chobey has circulated the video. Krishna says permit me cross. Chobey asks Triloki what’s going to he do. Lali says Krishna is harm, depart her. Krishna says don’t beg to them, they’re very cheap human beings, they’re cheap minded people, Veer is proper, what will manifest with this u . s ., I hate their questioning. Chaurasiya jokes on her. The ladies deliver black colour in buckets. Veer comes there and drives the car in. The buckets give way. He gets down the auto. Krishna runs to him and holds his hand.

She says thank you for coming. Chobey says take them to undertaking. Veer asks who is Chobey, come, I want to speak. Chobey says its me, what came about, the community is with me. Veer slaps him. all of them get stunned. He slaps Chaurasiya too. He breaks the sticks and asks who will come ahead now, come on. everybody receives scared. Veer says I m on my own here, I received’t see who is attacking me, i will keep hitting, i will now not permit absolutely everyone touch Krishna even if I die. Krishna seems at him. The woman says slap me, you are shameless to have an affair. Veer says we have been inside the village, Krishna has saved a girl’s existence, we were attacked, you received’t remember the fact that, no problems, i will talk to you to your language. He asks Anit to provide the file. He says you imply we are romancing, I were given this file from many hospitals, I know the whole thing about you all. He says Shyam Gupta eloped with a woman, he were given the woman abort her infant, you blame us then. the person says we are able to depart. Veer says you are so known as respectable people, you may be uncovered. He warns Chobey. Krishna cries.

Precap: Shukla says nobody can prevent you now. Krishna says I m going to London. He says you won’t go. She says I m should help Veer, it’s my selection.


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