Krishna Chali London 2nd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Krishna Chali 2 Apr episode begins with Krishna. She is leaving for Pag phera custom. She achieves home and makes tea for all. Bua ridicules her for getting an excessive number of calls from Veer. All make fun Krishna for adding salt to tea rather than sugar.

Shuklaji is cheering about his triumph over Veer. Police captures Veer for providing unapproved drugs. Veer attempts to shield himself, however because of enormous media fuss, he couldn’t get the safeguard.

In the mean time, Bua endowments a provocative dress to Krishna to charm Veer.

Krishna gets stressed over Veer as he hasn’t called her from two hours.

Veer’s mom and sister are attempting endeavors to safeguard Veer out. Naina considers Krishna and informs her regarding everything.

Krishna touches base with Bua and father to the police headquarters. She gets passionate to see Veer in a correctional facility.

Precap Upcoming Krishna Chali episode update: Krishna stands up to Shuklaji and takes him to the police headquarters.


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