Krishna Chali London 6th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Aayan Arrives At Medical Camp

Krishna Chali London 6th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Shukla asking what camp, Veer is playing a recreation with Gajanan. Veer comes and says there’s a massive difference between you and me. Shukla name callings him and asks him taskve some shame. Bela asks why did you come here once more. Veer says you need Vit B for your brain. He gives Lali’s report to Gajanan. Shukla says you are the smart one. Gajanan tests reviews. Veer says her situation could be very severe, my doubt is right, her most cancers has surfaced again. Shukla says you are the cancer, you had been after Krishna earlier than and now Lali, get out else i’m able to kick you out.

Gajanan stops Shukla and says i can take Lali to the camp. Veer says appropriate choice. Krishna, Lali and Gajanan come to the scientific camp. Lali says I want all people receives great, I m praying for absolutely everyone, even for you. Krishna says i have come to volunteer here. They move for registration. They meet the doctor and supply their names. the person asks her to paintings below any health practitioner. He tells about Dr. Veer Sahay. Krishna says sorry, i’m able to’t work in Veer’s group. Veer comes there. Krishna says I m not a medical doctor, i will’t work in Veer’s group, i will smooth the tents and dressing the injuries.

The man places Krishna in some other team. He says a senior physician wishes you to work with him. Krishna asks who. He says Dr. Aayan Kapoor. Aayan walks in. He meets Veer and Krishna. He praises Krishna. He introduces himself. Aayan asks will you become a part of my crew. Krishna has the same opinion. He makes her make the group band. He says welcome to the circle of relatives. She thank you him. Veer gets angry and goes. Veer gets impolite to the volunteers. Aayan smiles and keeps his paintings. Veer asks them to forestall asking silly questions and cognizance on paintings. Aayan says its the matter of heart, you have to be cautious, you are a professional. Aayan tests Lali’s reports and asks Gajanan not to fear, ordinary test will diagnose the trouble nicely. He explains them in easy language.

Veer says you explain it to me, i’m able to take it from right here, I head her inside the health center, i’m able to take care. Krishna says thank you Veer, however i can cope with it. Veer asks her now not to be egoistic. Aayan says I m an oncologist, I think i can take care of this. Veer and Krishna argue. Aayan says i will advise your name if the case is a cardiac one, allow me cope with this. Veer asks am i able to talk to Krishna. Aayan says positive. Veer takes her out and asks why are you showing a lot attitude. Sunaina calls him. He complains about Krishna. Krishna goes. Sunaina asks is Krishna there, why didn’t you tell me which you have long gone there due to her. He says no. He sees Krishna with Ayaan. Sunaina asks Veer to come again. He refuses and apologizes. krishna’s dupatta flies over his face. She says i have to speak to you. He ends the decision. Sunaina issues and says this is incorrect. Veer holds Krishna’s dupatta and gives it to her.

Precap Upcoming Krishna Chali London episode update: Krishna and Veer try to manipulate the tent throughout a storm. Shivani comes. Veer collides with her.


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