Krishna Chali London 18th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Krishna Chali 18 Mar episode starts with Krishna telling Veer that she has now emerge as a wedding planner. Veer questions Krishna if his marriage with Shivani influences her or now not.

Krishna replies definitely. Veer hires Krishna as his wedding planner. He adds that if she can plan the marriage correctly without knowing her love, he’s going to walk far from her existence.

Krishna accepts Veer’s venture to show him wrong.

Veer comes again to his house. He pronounces his wedding ceremony with Shivani. Shivani receives thrilled to study this.

Veer calls Krishna and asks her to come over for a assembly at his vicinity. He attempts to make Krishna feel jealous.

Krishna’s father attempts to prevent Krishna. Krishna states that she can plan Veer’s wedding after which he will by no means hassle her once more.

Sunaina questions Veer over his choice to get married to Shivani.

Veer covers up the scenario with a lie.
Shivani asks Veer to accompany her for purchasing. Veer says my wedding planner will do the whole lot. Krishna comes for the assembly.

Sunaina and Shivani get bowled over to look Krishna as the wedding planner. Veer stares at Krishna while she shows him the samples.

Veer receives near Shivani. He states that he didn’t like every of the designs. Krishna says she can carry new designs quickly.

Sunaina counters Krishna and says that she is happy for Veer and Shivani’s wedding. Krishna says she additionally feels that Veer need to marry Shivani.

Veer overhears their conversation.

Precap Upcoming Krishna Chali episode update: Veer says i really like You to Krishna and proposes her with a ring.


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