Krishna Chali London 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Krishna Chali 9 Apr episode starts with Veer and Krishna’s cute conversation. Veer asks her to come over. Krishna comes to meet Veer in the hospital.

Krishna shows the honeymoon tickets to Veer. They get cozy with each other. A lawyer comes to meet Krishna.

Sunaina recalls her past incidents where Veer states that he will tell Krishna everything. She burns all the papers and says that she will never let Veer know the truth.

The lawyer says the papers are concerning the property transfer of the hospital. Krishna reads the papers.

Bade Shukla calls Krishna. Krishna indulges in a conversation with him. Meanwhile, the lawyer places some documents in between the property papers.

Krishna signs the papers as instructed by Bade Shukla.Shukla celebrates his success as he tricks Krishna successfully.

Veer searches for his stuff in the cupboard. Sunaina says she threw everything away as she wants him to move ahead in life by letting go of his ugly past.

Veer and Krishna head for their honeymoon destination in the morning. Suddenly, Sunaina faints. They rush them to the hospital.

Sunaina feels sad as Veer and Krishna’s honeymoon gets canceled. Sunaina asks Veer to go to Vrindavan to fulfill her wish.

Krishna says she will take care of Sunaina and asks Veer to go to Vrindavan. Suddenly, Veer returns to his home.

Veer and Krishna spend romantic time together.

Precap Upcoming Krishna Chali episode update: Krishna gets arrested.


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