Kriti Sanon Spoke On Metoo, An Atmosphere Of Fear In Bollywood

The MeToo campaign provided an opportunity for women to talk about the atrocities against them. Many women had shared their story on social media and many accused also took action under it. This movement had the biggest impact on Bollywood, where many actors or crew members accused many actors. Now actress Kriti Sanon has spoken openly on this movement.

Actress Kriti Senon on the Meitu Movement told what has changed in Bollywood due to the Meitu Movement. He says that now fear has arisen in people and this fear was necessary. Kriti Sanon at India Today Conclave said, ‘I am glad that it was talked about. It takes great courage to put these things in front of the world. Now people are saying this is a good thing. I do not know if the industry is safe now or not, but it is so sure that fear has arisen in the people. Oththa Seruppu Size 7 Full Movie Download

Kriti Senon also said that whatever the industry is, there is a fear among people that if they do something wrong, they can go from their jobs and that fear that was born in people was very important. Regarding the change that came after this movement, Kriti Sanon said that changes are now being seen in male-female actors. Also, Kriti Sanon also talked about the fees of women artists.

Regarding the fees of women artists, Kriti Sanon said that there is still not much change in the fee gap and women will have to raise their voice. They believe that if the mail actors increase the money, then there is no problem, while an actress increases her fees, there are different kinds of things. Let us know that recently after the success of his film Lukha Chuppi, there were reports that Kriti Sanon has increased her fees.

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