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Mahesh gets kulfi and companions to a dull room, and says remain here I’ll be back, lights please, kids get shocked, mahesh says this is your last practice and you will be in center this way, and you will be made a decision by 3, and in the event that you felt this is your opportunity get it and be, at that point music and sing with your heart. Kulfi shuts her eyes and begins singing, others pursue her, Mia watching her alongside her group, Mia hears her and says genuineness energy and battle these challenge implies a ton for them extraordinarily for kulfi, you comprehend what is ones greatest shortcoming, it’s feeling and such minute will reveal to me climate kulfi is sikanders girl or not and that is the point at which I will exploit it.

Sikander and Amyra rehearsing,amyra asks Sikander for what good reason is he so very isn’t she doing great, sikander says no you aren’t nevertheless extremely great, amyra says I got frightened, sikander says you are completely arranged now, amyra sees mahesh with Kulfi and companions and gets annoyed, sikander asks what’s wring, amyra says nothing,Kulfi sees Sikander with Amyra, Kulfi says I miss him so much, exactly what to rushed to him, yet he doesn’t and leaves, amyra considers if father hears kulfi sing, he will know it’s Kulfi what will I do at that point, sikander missing kulfi and calls Mohendar.

Mohendar in police headquarters, sikander asks how is Kulfi, and amyra is taking an interest in established round, Mohendar says all the best from me,sikander says I’m missing kulfi a great deal, sikander says I will video call, Mohendar says don’t she will be harmed once more, sikander says you are correct, Mohendar cuts the call and requests that assessor find kulfi as quickly as time permits by today I need Kulfi. Mohendar says on the off chance that I don’t discover kulfi today around evening time I will tell sikander reality.

Sikander takes a gander at kulfis picture and says I’m missing you a great deal, amyra strolls yo sikander and says father, sikander shrouds his telephone and says yes reveal to me what happened for what reason are you disturbed, don’t pressure all will be fine,believe in yourself, I’m with you,amyra says father you won’t please stage,Sikander inquires as to why, amyra says I don’t need on the off chance that you come there I will get apprehensive, and traditional is my feeble point and you being there I will get cognizant constantly, sikande says Amyra quiet down, don’t pressure, I’m glad to encourage you and I needed to be there for you, amyra says only for this round please,sikander says alright, yet deal with yourself,amyra says only for this round then all different rounds be with me and thinks sorry father this is to fend off you from messy young lady.

Mahesh says kids half and hour and challenge will start don’t be anxious, mahesh says even today I get apprehensive when I jump in front of an audience so quiet down it’s typical, so simply appreciate the occasion. They hear pandit Vishu Bhave, says I revealed to you I need agreeable seat, mahesh and kulfi and kids welcome him,Vishu says mahesh I let you know not to run with them ,mahesh says great I didn’t hear you they are great, and wish them karma since today you going to score them most elevated. Vishnu wishes them good karma.

Unforgiving invites gathering of people and judges, brutal says today alongside pandit Vishnu we have two additional judges Udit Narayan and ,Lovely and other relatives in audience.harsh clicks pictures with Udit Narayan. Sikander says I will go see Kulfi today, amyra is occupied here, god please I need to see my child before the day closes, Mia Walks to sikander and welcomes him.

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Precap: Unforgiving invites Sikander Singh Gill on the stage, amyra and kulfi in stun, brutal welcomes first entertainer moved toward becoming gathering in front of an audience.


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