Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kulfi closes her eyes and starts offevolved making a song, others follow her, Mia watching her in conjunction with her group, Mia hears her and says honesty passion and conflict these contest approach loads for them in particular for kulfi, you understand what’s ones biggest weak spot, it’s emotion and such second will tell me climate kulfi is sikanders daughter or now not and this is when i can take gain of it.

Sikander and Amyra rehearsing,amyra asks Sikander why is he so quite isn’t she doing excellent, sikander says no you aren’t however very good, amyra says I were given scared, sikander says you’re completely organized now, amyra sees mahesh with Kulfi and pals and gets disenchanted, sikander asks what’s wring, amyra says not anything,Kulfi sees Sikander with Amyra, Kulfi says I miss him a lot, just what to run to him, but he doesn’t and leaves, amyra thinks if dad hears kulfi sing, he’ll realize it’s Kulfi what is going to I do then, sikander missing kulfi and calls Mohendar.

Mohendar in police station, sikander asks how is Kulfi, and amyra is collaborating in classical round, Mohendar says fine desires from me,sikander says I’m lacking kulfi a lot, sikander says I shall video name, Mohendar says don’t she can be harm once more, sikander says you’re right, Mohendar cuts the decision and asks inspector to discover kulfi as soon as feasible through this night I need Kulfi. Mohendar says if I don’t locate kulfi tonight I shall inform sikander the fact.

Sikander appears at kulfis photo and says I’m lacking you loads, amyra walks yo sikander and says dad, sikander hides his telephone and says sure tell me what took place why are you disenchanted, don’t pressure all can be quality,consider in yourself, I’m with you,amyra says dad you won’t come on degree,Sikander asks why, amyra says I don’t want if you come there i’m able to get worried, and classical is my vulnerable factor and you being there i’m able to get aware all the time, sikande says Amyra relax, don’t stress, I’m glad to train you and i wanted to be there for you, amyra says just for this round please,sikander says okay, however cope with your self,amyra says only for this spherical then all other rounds be with me and thinks sorry dad this is to maintain you away from dirty lady.

Mahesh says youngsters 1/2 and hour and contest will start don’t be fearful, mahesh says even these days i get nervous whilst i am getting on stage so relax it’s ordinary, so just experience the instant. They pay attention pandit Vishu Bhave, says I told you I need at ease chair, mahesh and kulfi and youngsters greet him,Vishu says mahesh I instructed you no longer to go along with them ,mahesh says exact I didn’t hear you they are very good, and want them success because today you gonna score them maximum. Vishnu needs them properly luck.

Harsh welcomes target audience and judges, harsh says these days together with pandit Vishnu we have two more judges Udit Narayan and ,adorable and other own family members in target audience.harsh clicks photos with Udit Narayan. Sikander says i’m able to cross see Kulfi today, amyra is busy right here, god please I need to see my child earlier than the day ends, Mia Walks to sikander and greets him.

Precap : harsh welcomes Sikander Singh Gill on the level, amyra and kulfi in surprise, harsh invitations first performer have become organization on stage.


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