Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 12th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 12 Aug episode begins with Sikander getting on edge about Kulfi not touching base on schedule. He gets glad to see Kulfi entering the assembly room.

Amyra and Kulfi meet and begin contending. Amyra begins accusing Kulfi again yet this time Kulfi likewise answers back.

Amyra advises her to go yet Kulfi chooses to overlook her requests and gives the tryout. Subside gets dazzled with Kulfi’s exhibition also.

He further needs Kulfi and Amyra to complete a singing go head to head. The two of them give their hundred percent in their presentation. Dwindle pronounces Kulfi will be in the number one spot job and needs Amyra to move toward becoming understudy of Kulfi.

He clarifies that if Kulfi can’t have her impact because of any reason than Amyra needs to get ready to have her spot.

This is all Sikander’s arrangement to break Amyra’s self image and increment Kulfi’s certainty. Diminish further says it is essential for Amyra to go to class too.

Stunning gets annoyed with Amyra for playing understudy of Kulfi. She further needs her to get the name of the maker out of Peter.

Mia and Tia get pleased to find out about Kulfi’s play. Afterward, Sikander comes to meet Kulfi and enquires about the coin.

Kulfi gets suspicious of Sikander being associated with the melodic. She takes steps to leave the play in the event that she discovers Sikander was behind the melodic.

Precap Upcoming Kulfi Kumar episode update: Sikander attempts to escape Kulfi and Amyra in the changing area.


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