Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 12th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Lovely says Sikander please say some thing, sikander stops her, and says you attempted killing my daughter, lovely says Sikander prevent, please I’m sorry, don’t separate me from amyra, wherein are we going, sikander says police station. Kulfi it’s photograph of Ama with Bhola, they find a cassette and Walkman with notice for Bhola from baba,Zinda plays it, Kulfi hears the track. Lovely says Sikander try understand why will I kill my very own daughter, Sikander says did you kill my Kulfi too, Lovely says are you mad, I didn’t kill Kulfi,I’m not a murderer, sikander says you did you killed her homicide.

Sikander gets name from Amyra, amyra asks wherein are you ,adorable says out for a few work, Amyra says I’m ready please come quickly, sikander says we are able to relaxation. Lovely says did you pay attention she desires us

Both, she needs us dinttake me away, what is going to you solution her, it’s her happiness that subjects. Kulfi walks to Bhola with Zinda and sing the tune they heard, children be part of them, and begin playing music, Ama asks out and sees youngsters together with Bhola. Rajan smiles seeing them satisfied.
Sikander and cute get domestic, cute says Sikander thank god you made such right selection, how ever i’m, I’m her mother and he or she needs me,she is expecting me permit’s move,Kulfi makes buddies with Bhola, Bhola permit’s Kulfi chain him. Ama in surprise,children cheer for kulfi, Ama scolds them.

Sikander stops lovely from seeing amyra. Kulfi says Ama I chained him, Ama receives irritated on Kulfi, Bhola begins barking at Ama for scolding kulfi, Ama says don’t suppose you gained there’s one more assignment for you, Kulfi says you said there’s just one assignment, Ama says in my office now. Sikander gets cute to room and says kulfi and Amyra are my needs, but no person needs you, you’re useless for me,you are just an manner to cure my daughter and locate other, cute says you can’t speak to me like this, sikander says dare you tell me what to do, this is your jail you are right here just for amyra, you received’t go away this room with out my permission.

Ama disillusioned, Rajan very satisfied, Rajan says she did defeat you, Ama says I’m losing this woman is uniting anyone and i’m able to’t let this take place, Kulfi walks in, Ama says you don’t like right here and need to head proper, move then visit your baba, Kulfi says i’m able to, Ama says sure, forget about the whole thing here, and every person here, you assist yourself and pass. Sikander says you will have simply 10 min to look amyra and that too you’ll should earn it, trust me i’m able to spoil you, you’ll repay for the entirety.

Tony cutie and others enter the room, tony says how dare you behave this way with my daughter, Sikander famous cute gave darkish ruby to amyra. Ama says kulfi you need to go away this premises in half and hour, Rajan feels bad. Kulfi leaves the room, Ama says I won’t let any exchange appear right here, matters right here will run as according to my desire. all and sundry stunned after hearing what cute did, cute says I didn’t do it intentionally, I did it to carry amyra and Sikander close, tony says shut up, you should have died earlier than doing it, cutie begs for forgiveness to Sikander. All blame Lovely. Tony and cutie wreck all ties with lovely and allow Sikander to take anything action he desires to.

Kulfi says I’m here by mistake now i’m able to move lower back to Baba, Kulfi hears youngsters discussing how courageous kulfi is and now they may assist kulfi, and they are able to meet their families.

Precap : Kulfi says yo Bhola let me cross, everyone is making an attempt to stop me, Kulfi jumps out of door. Sikander pulls Lovely out, cute begs to look amyra, sikander says I need statistics about kulfi.


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