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In Star Plus show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 12th March 2019 episode, Sikandar allows Loveleen to satisfy Amyra for best 10 minutes.

In the Latest episode of famous person Plus hit display Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, Sikandar got to realize that Loveleen made Amyra drink dark ruby. Sikandar got angry and instructed Loveleen that he’s going to no longer spare her now. He become forcefully taking Loveleen to the police station. Sikandar stated to Loveleen that she does no longer need to be known as a mother as she could be very evil.

Loveleen requested for mercy and told Sikandar that something she did, she did it for Amyra. She asked Sikandar to not take her to the police station. however, Sikandar refused to pay attention Loveleen and stated that police will punish you currently for whatever you probably did. They had been going to the police station from the car and Amyra’s video call got here. Sikandar asked Loveleen to fake like everything is great in the front of Amyra. They picked up the call and Amyra asked him wherein they two were. They stated that they have been out from work and can be there with her in a brief whilst.

Loveleen stated after the video call that Amyra desires her. She asked Sikandar to move again domestic. Sikandar was back domestic with Loveleen, she notion Sikandar has forgiven her. Sikandar requested Loveleen if additionally did something together with his daughter Kulfi. Loveleen said in reaction that she never attempted to harm Kulfi and that she will never do something like this inside the future as nicely. Sikandar referred to as Loveleen an assassin as she killed Kulfi’s mother Nimrat. Sikandar locked Loveleen in an empty room.

However, Kulfi is making a plan to put the chain around Bhola. Kulfi sang a special track for Bhola and completed her task efficiently. All kids praised Kulfi for completing the venture given by using Amma Ji. Amma Ji got to look all youngsters collectively, praising Kulfi. She gave any other project to Kulfi, she asked Kulfi to head back home. She stated she will open the principle gate for 30 minutes and Kulfi has to go away inside that half-hour without losing any time.

Kulfi got Happy as she will be able to go again to home. but she also was given tensed about the children who have been praising her. Kulfi is aware of that there are amazing expectations associated with her concerning the circle of relatives Day. All family participants inclusive of Tonny Chadda arrived at the empty room in which Sikandar locked Loveleen. Tony was given angry to peer how Sikandar is treating his daughter. Sikandar informed each person that Loveleen made Amyra drink dark ruby. The truth has taken aback anybody. Tony and Cutie even broke their all relationships with Loveleen.

All own family contributors scold Loveleen and informed her that no person will forgive her. Sikandar is decided to punish Loveleen for whatever she did incorrectly with Amyra. In celebrity Plus show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 12th March 2019 episode, Sikandar allow Loveleen to meet Amyra for simplest 10 mins. however, Loveleen desires to spend greater time with her daughter. She requests him to allow her a few greater time with Amyra. Sikandar says he’ll allow some greater time simplest on one condition if she will be able to tell him wherein she sent Kulfi. Loveleen receives greatly surprised when Sikandar asked about Kulfi. what will happen next? live tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favourite show and written episodes.


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