Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 12th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 12 Sep episode begins with Lovely thinking about what she ought to do to escape the pantry. Simultaneously, Shanta Bai solicits Sikander to take something out from the organizer.

Matka opens the pantry rather and gets terrified. She requests that he not yell and discloses to him she is escaping a few goons.

Matka likewise carries her water and something to eat which is seen by Kulfi. She gets suspicious and chooses to ask him.

In the mean time, Sikander and his supervisor bond over a glass of Lassi. Sikander enquires about his passionate breakdown on the tune.

Flawless stows away before Kulfi sees inside and Matka lies about eating the sustenance. Afterward, Kulfi and her companions practice for the move rivalry.

Exquisite chooses to cut Amyra’s outfit story so she can perceive her later. Simultaneously, Sikander’s supervisor wishes to go to his Chawl Ganpati work.

Kulfi enquires about Amyra’s disturbed state. Amyra says she saw a witch who had a face simply like her mom.

Afterward, Sikander touches base with his manager in the Chawl. The Chawl individuals get content with his quality as he is a major character.

The festivals for Ganpati Utsav start while Lovely intends to leave the pantry. She is gotten by Himmat Kaur who requests her quality.

She requests that her bring plates from the rear. Children come to give her the ensemble of Ganpati and ask Himmat to allow her to remain.

Stay Tuned With Us To Know What Will Happen Next In The Kulfi Kumar Bajewala.

Precap Upcoming Kulfi Kumar episode update: Sikander gets stressed as Kulfi is missing.

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