Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Udit bolsters kulfi and gathering, pandit remains by his choice to dispense with them,Usha says I am sorry for their sake, she has sang really by her spirit, kindly don’t do this to them,sikander considering every one of the untruths Mohendar stated, Mia requests to record sikanders response, brutal approaches Sikander for his view, sikander stunned, cruel says this reveals to us how unadulterated was benams execution, amyra crying, flawless takes a gander at her,harsh requests to score benam, pandit scores zero, Usha scores them 10, Udit scores them 9. Pandit keeps cribbling about disrupting norms, Udit and Usha endeavor to persuade him.

Kulfi strolls of the stage, kids pursue her, amyra tails them, dazzling endeavors to pursue amyra, yet group stops her. Mahesh chastens kulfi for evolving raga, Kulfi says it just turned out when I saw,mahesh asks what, I believed you yet you offended me, you are blo*dy zero and don’t merit this challenge and leaves, rocket and Zinda endeavor to quiet her however she flees. Mia says what an incredible masala. Sikander following kulfi and calls Mohendar, Mohendar says kulfi is with me, sikander says alright allows video call, Mohendar says sorry she isn’t with me, and tells entire situation and apologizes.

Mohendar says Sikander I likewise learnt kulfi was in remand home and fled with 5 additional children. Sikander tells she is here, and tells about her interest, sikander sees kulfi and strolls to her, she doesn’t embrace him, sikander embraces her, Kulfi embraces him back and wipes his tears, Sikander asks how could you land in reman home and for what reason did you fled, Kulfi says I came to you, I required you and I told my companions that you will support us, my legend will support me yet you requested that I leave, I figured I will play Holi with you however you didn’t, you deceived me, Mia recording them. Kulfi exceptionally furious on sikander, Kulfi says enough of crying I would prefer not to hear a word from you, amyra sees them talk, sikander going to pursue Kulfi, amyra stops him, and says you brought messy young lady here, you brought her here, you generally need your other little girl, Mia says yes I knew this, thank you for recounting to truth amyra what a story, great masala for my TRP.

Amyra says you broke my guarantee, sikander embraces amyra and says quiet down,Amyra says you will abandon me and return to her, sikander says loosen up quiet down stay here I will get you water, sikander gets her water, hear me out I’m your father, I’m with you, I’m not abandoning you, quiet down you need to sing. Amyra says on the off chance that you are with me I will sing in all respects pleasantly. Bebe continues sobbing for kulfi. Amyra performs, sikander present as well, sikander in tears.

Precap Upcoming Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Episode Update:: Harsh reports two part harmony round, first two part harmony among amyra and benam gathering.


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