Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Harsh commendations Amyra, Amyra says thank you uncle, cruel says you can call me bhaiya, and invites Sikander in front of an audience, Amyra embraces him, brutal requests that passes judgment on rate her execution, pandit acclaims her and says you progressed admirably and score a 6, Usha acclaims Amyra for her combination and scores her 8, Udit says you were great however benams lead was better so I give you a 5, Harsh says Amyras complete is 19. Brutal welcomes every single other competitor in front of an audience, Kulfi takes a gander at Sikander, Bebe asks gunjan for what valid reason has Kulfi concealed her face, benam and amyra tie once more, both enter top 8. Mahesh gripes Mia and says I might want to quit,Mia says I don’t worry about, you are shy of work however Im not shy of master, and you know benam has enormous opportunity to win, at that point for what reason are you over responding.

Mia says falana this round will be two part harmony round go declare. Brutal invites fortunate 8 competitors and says next round will be a two part harmony, and on the off chance that you are a group you will have a delegate, rocket says kulfi you are our star so you will go, Kulfi says I wish I don’t match with Amyra, Amyra says I would prefer not to combine with filthy young lady, Harsh makes sets. Harsh reports amyra and benam as next two part harmony. Kulfi amyra in stun. Amyra and kulfi stroll to the stage, Mohendar sees kulfi and gets passionate.

Harsh gets some information about most energized mix amyra and benam, makes a decision about state energizing since they are inverse, pandit says this benam vocalist will demolish Amyras execution as well, brutal calls Sikander in front of an audience, and asks his take, sikander says it’s predetermination they are as one and we need to remain on what we are alloted, and when we are as one we win, notwithstanding when we have obstacles, and my little girl is in my heart, and I might want to advise her, be with your accomplice and win the show,my endowments are with you.

Amyra furious, Mohendar and Sikander endeavor to shellfish her down, amyra says I would prefer not to be here I wanna return home, I will return home on the off chance that you can’t, Lovely says I will take you home, first quiet down, amyra says I would prefer not to perform with messy young lady. Kulfi upset and says I would prefer not to perform with Amyra, kids endeavor to persuade her and state we need to win this challenge, we here as a result of you. Rocket says kulfi take a gander at me, she isn’t better then you, Kulfi says that is not the issue, rocket asks then for what reason, Kulfi says I would prefer not to battle any longer, rocket asks what’s the genuine issue, Kulfi says I miss my baba, Ma had abandoned me long back, and these inconveniences don’t stop, I thought my baba was my everything except for he said he is nobody to me.

Flawless says Amyra run with stream, and in the event that we need something we have to attempt and not be difficult, sikander contemplating kulfi. Rocket says so your baba was to blame, he shouldn’t have done this to you or your mom, Kulfi says nobody says awful regarding my baba.

Precap Upcoming Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Episode Update: Amyra requests that dazzling help her and send Kulfi move in an opposite direction from her family. Beautiful strolls to kulfi, Kulfi gets terrified.


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