Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 16th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vikram says this is the thing that he generally does. Mohendar says kulfi like it’s hard to you it’s for me as well, if you don’t mind trust me, I’m your Baba, gunjan says consider him your baba, Kulfi says I adore you both and trust you as well, yet this isn’t occurring from me, sikander hearing them, gunjan says no stresses time will change things, Kulfi figures in what capacity will time change I at last found my baba, sikander strolls to them, gunjan leaves with Kulfi,sikander says to Mohendar kindly don’t do this to me, I’m your sibling, in the event that you carry on along these lines, this house will break, Mohendar says I have sworn for my little girl kulfi and I won’t break my guarantee.

Vikram strolls in, and embraces Sikander and says I will prepare kulfi now, Mohendar gets kulfi out, Kulfi says I know him from music school, Mohendar says he is your new instructor, Kulfi says no my master is my Baba, Vikram says meaning, Mohendar says she is my little girl, and Mohendar says hear me out do as I state I’m accomplishing for you, Kulfi says yet I have consistently considered him to be my master, sikander says kindly don’t do this to her, Mohendar says kulfi is my adoration and dream discipline to you, you recall my guarantee right, I should give my music, Kulfi supposes I had accepted him as my dad and master even before I knew reality, what will I do now.

Vikram says Sikander so miserable, everything far from you in a snap, Mohendar asks kulfi to take her masters favors, kulfi takes Vikram gifts and figures whatever may happen my master is my Baba, consistently.

Vikram says to kulfi, Kulfi every one of my understudies are hotshots, so do as I state, however before we start let me comprehend what music intends to you, Kulfi says I like music the most, Vikram says kulfi this isn’t done, we need popularity, cash, you can’t sing anyplace, and on the off chance that you need this do as I say,Kulfi says I don’t need notoriety and cash, I didn’t disapprove of uncle since I adore me, I cherish music, I would prefer not to sing for cash, Vikram says then nobody will know you, Kulfi says I don’t sing for other people, I sing for myself, for my tranquility, Vikram says kulfi for what reason don’t you comprehend there’s no association among singing and harmony, leave every one of these musings, on the off chance that you need to proceed in this industry, get solid, think by minds and not heart, snatch opportunity, and from today you will sing on,y when I will ask you to and you need preparing, new look.

Gunjan says kulfi look I made all your preferred dishes, Kulfi sees upset sikander, Mohendar says I will nourish her myself. Amyra sees sikander taking a gander at Kulfi and says father you didn’t taste this, have it, Kulfi says I’m full, I’m tired and leaves. Sikander says I’m done as well.

Sikander with Amyra, he sees she is snoozing, he gradually sneaks to kulfis room, he remains outside it, says even I’m ravenous, Kulfi opens the entryway, both stroll to kitchen, sikander embraces her.

Precap : Vikram shouts at Sikander and says first demonstrate to your family and after that come to me. Sikander discloses to Mohendar that Vikram won’t so useful for kulfi, Mohendar says you saying this since you frightened of kulfis achievement.


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